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Hadano, Japan

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A guide to Mt. To Sep 11, 2011
1. Overview

Mt. To is located in Tanzawa range, which is middle western part in Kanagawa Prefecture. Altitude is 1491m and you can enjoy the 360 degrees panoramic view of Sagami gulf, Hakone mountains, Mt. Fuji from the peak.

There are 2 main trails and one is “Okura One Route”, which is just a long and steep elevation. The route itself isn’t really tricky and it doesn’t require special techniques, but some hikers call this trail “ Baka-One” (Stupid ridge) from its length and steepness.

Elevation gain of this trail is about 1200m, and the distance of the round walk is about 13.5km. It’s appropriate for a day hike.

Another route is a traverse route from Nino-to peak, and Sannoto-peak from Yabitsu toge. You can also enjoy a hike in the forest from this trail.

2. How to get there?

The nearest station is either Shibusawa Station or Hadano station (Odakyu line). You can get there from Shinjuku Station by Express train within 80mins, or 60mins by “Odakyu Romance Car”, limited express train (subject to additional express fee, and it doesn’t stop at Shibusawa sta so you would need to transfer at Hadano sta.)

1) From Shibusawa: Take a bus bound for “Okura” and drop off at the last stop. It will take about 20 mins, 200yen.

2) From Hadano: Take a bus bound for Minoge or Yabitsu Toge, and get off at Yabitsu Toge.

From Okura bus terminal, I found a free shuttle bus to “Hadano Bunka Kaikan”, which is a municipal concert hall. You can also take a bus from Bunka Kaikan either to Shibusawa or Hadano. From Bunka Kaikan to Hadano, it would take 40mins on foot along the river.

3. Where to sleep?

There is a campground subject to some fee, and there are lots of huts along the trail. Those huts are maintained by some people and will cost you from 4000yen. But a day trek is really doable if you start early in the morning. You can even go back to Tokyo after the hike. Transportation in that area is good and you don’t have to worry so much.

4. Alerts

Leech is on epidemic all over in Tanzawa range. You should cover your skin completely if you go on to a hike from the late April till early November. Especially it’s really bad on the trail from Hadano. The trail from Shibusawa was OK and I didn’t see any of them.

If you got sucked your blood by them, be sure to kill them with salt or scissors in order to avoid further epidemic.

And if you are hiking from July till September, be careful of yellow hornets. It would stick you really hard if you get close to their hives. If you see any of them, don’t attack them and stay still for a while till they get away from you, and be careful about the location of their hives.

In case you were unlucky enough to get attack by hornets, get rid of the poison from the injury and call an ambulance urgently.

You may see some bears on the way so be sure to put bells or radio on your backpack so that they can avoid meeting you. You should let them know about your existence then you’d be OK.

5. In Case of Emergency

Hadano Police Station is controlling this area, and you can get in touch with them or call 110. If you need an ambulance, call 119. Mobile phone is available in most areas except for the peak.

6. Nearby

Okura bus stop is located right in Togawa Park. There is a restaurant and a shop and you can get some supply and food there.

It is a basement for hikers so you can wash your boots and equipments there, and also there are some shower rooms available.

If you want to enjoy hotspring after the hike, you can visit Tsurumaki Onsen by Odakyu Line. It’s just 2 stops from Hadano station or 3 stops from Shibusawa station to get there. My recommendation is to visit “Jinya Ryokan”(

), Hayao Miyazaki, the director of animation movies loves this ryokan and he got some inspiration to make a film “Spirited Away” when he visited there. And you can see a big tree that became a model of the tree in “Totoro” there.
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