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Mount Fuji, Japan

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nik2blessed nik2bles…
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Top of Japan Aug 01, 2017
You have not been to the top of Japan, and until you've climbed Mount Fuji. My life was not the same after climbing her! If you enjoy hiking, and the great outdoors...this is one hike you do not want to miss. You may find different pricing, depending on where you find the package deal. I have seen 5000 yen to 10,000 yen, and this is due to how you get there, to how far you have to travel.

When we arrived (after hours of driving), we started at 5:30 am up the mountain. Totally recommend anyone doing this hike, start early in the am. This will give you time to get back down the moutain, for enough time to make it before dark. They also have the option to sleep overnight and start your hikes later in the day to sleep at night. I also purchased the "climbing stick" where they stamped my stick at all their stations along the way. It is worth the purchase, and memories to last forever.

Another great reminder. You must be healthy enough to hike a minimum of 6-8 hours. Also check the weather, I have found that it can get really moisty or even hard rains. In the winter months you will even get snow.

Shopping for souvenirs is a guarantee, you can find all sorts of beverages, eats, clothing, photos, key chains, and more. I even seen a restaurant there too. Also you can buy postcards and there is a post office box to send your postcards as well. Using the restroom can be hard, but you have to time it going up the mountain. I recommend using it before, and also during the hike, you have an opportunity after 1-3 hours once going up. Also ask someone if there is one at the top too. Coming down was not that bad, but you feel aches on your chins after its all said an done. Wearing knee stalkings will also help your legs as well. Bring a camelback of water, and gel (protein) packs to keep your strength along the way. Overall you love the trip, but it will take a lot out of you when its over.

**Also know your way down the mountain, there will be two directions. Just so you know how to get back to your vehicle or party; so you don't go down the wrong way. It could cost you over 11,030 yen (or $100), to catch a taxi back to your vehicle or party.
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bnony bnony
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Touch the clouds! Oct 25, 2013
For anyone traveling through Tokyo, this is a must do. The trip takes an entire day to accomplish. We rented a car in the morning and drove out to the 5th station on the Kawaguchiko Trail which is about 2400M from the summit. From there it took our group of 5 about 4.5hrs to reach the summit. We stopped along to the various huts on our ascent to speak with other travelers and ger our walking sticks stamped. We found out that it is possible to rent out bunks on the climbing route for those that want to spend the entire night on the mountain. By the time we reached the summit of this "active" volcano it was mid afternoon and the cloud deck had fallen just below the summit. It was one of the coolest experiences to walk through the clouds and see the last few steps and archway to the summit of the largest mountain in Japan!! We walked around the cone and then began our descent back to our vehicle. We sped down the mountain with the adrenaline from what we had just done... Unfortunately we took the wrong trail back down and found ourselves on the wrong side of the mountain. After an expensive cab ride around the base of the mountain back to our vehicle the day was done. One for the ages.
Standing at 12,350ft
A shot of the mountain on our way …
The morning fog. Once it burned of…
Most of the steeper parts have a c…
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Ezabella Ezabella
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Mount Fuji Feb 10, 2012
On the way up to Mount Fuji, we stopped at Oshino Hakkai Village. It was a small village with a few shops selling Japanese foodstuff and souvenirs. The area was so serene and the lakes filled with crystal clear waters. I mean super crystal clear. It was totally amazing. I suppose with the absence of pollution, the waters can maintain its pristine condition. And they were homes to multi colored koi fish. I found myself not wanting to leave the area.

If you are travelling for the first time I would recommend going with a tour group. The village is accessible by tour buses or locals with cars. They will organize local meals in nice restaurants that would be expensive otherwise. The portions are good enough for a big eater like me.

Mount Fuji is a very special mountain. It is the only mountain in the world that stands alone. There are no others like it for miles around. Going up Mount Fuji ( 3776 metres ) was like going up any other mountain ( Whistler in Vancouver and Mount Buller in Melbourne ) but once we arrived at the 5th station, it was a different feeling altogether. It wasn't full of tourists and only a few shops selling local souvenirs. Clean, fresh and cool air with panoramic views. Since it was in December, the average temperature on Mount Fuji was about 4 degrees Celcius. My body was protected by the thin jacket I had on but my fingers felt like they were going numb anytime. So a pair of gloves would be wise the next time.

A story that has been repeated many times by the locals was that hikers who ventured too deep into Mount Fuji never made it out. That's how it keeps its secrets.

Average prices - chocolates from SGD$5.00 onwards

Fridge magnets SGD$5.00 onwards

Japanese products are so nicely wrapped and it was easy to buy more than necessary. But I really didn't mind because they are of good value and genuine. Prices are almost the same in every shop. Unlike many other countries that tend to mark up prices just to earn the tourists' dollars. Not Japan..

I like that.
Oshino Hakkai Village near Mount F…
Koi in the pond.
Oshino Hakkai Village
Japanese meal. Very delicious and …
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Ezabella says:
If I can remember correctly, it was about 45 minutes.

Have a good trip!

Posted on: May 24, 2012
miakhadeeja says:
hi ezabella .. how far do we need to go up to reach the 5th station ? :)
Posted on: May 24, 2012
Lotus28 Lotus28
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Not an easy mountain, but worth a try Sep 17, 2011
1. Overview

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, and its altitude at the highest point (Kengamine peak) is 3776meters high.

It has been the sacred mountain for Japanese people and so many pilgrims tried to climb up to the summit for their prayers from the ancient time.

The main attraction is hiking from 5th station to the top. It's open for tourists from 1/Jul till 31/Aug, but you can do that in early September if you are well prepared and weather is OK.

You can do the hike within a day if you start in the early morning. But "Goraiko" (watching sunrise from the top) is one of the best attraction for tourists. In order to see the sunrise, booking a hut-stay for the security is highly recommended, and if you are trying the hike from the end of August,it is mandatory. It can get really cold and you wouldn't be able to continue hiking for all night long if the weather turns bad. It is too dangerous. And most huts are always fully booked and you wouldn't be able to stay at any of them without prior booking.

It's often misunderstood that many people are trying to hike on New Years Eve to see the sunrise from the peak. But it's totally not recommended for beginners. The climate of Mt. Fuji in the winter is around -30 degrees Celsius, and strong wind is blowing there. The path is totally frozen and crampon and ice axes often doesn't work. If you fall over onto the ground and cannot use ice axes promptly, you might slide down to death.

If you are a professional hiker who has done so much of hike under such climate conditions (I don't think such hikers would need to read my review though), please be fully prepared and declare your hiking plan at the local police station.

2. How to get there? & Level

There are 4 trails to the summit.

A. Yoshida trail:

You can take a bus from Shinjuku station to Kawaguchiko or Fujisan station. And from there, you can take the local bus to "Fujisan Gogome" (Mt. Fuji 5th station).

It's the most popular trail and it can get really busy, but there are lots of huts so in terms of the safety, it can be recommended for anyone, especially for those who are trying during the off season (after late August). And the elevation gain and distance is quite moderate so it could be the easiest trail among the 4 as well.

* This is the trail where you can see sunrise from any altitude. I enjoyed hiking up so much more compared to Fujinomiya trail.

B. Fujinomiya trail:

The nearest train station is Shinfuji station on Shinkansen. It's quite accessible from Kansai area as well. You can take local bus to Shin Gogome (5th station.)

This trail is the shortest trail among these 4, but it is more steep than other 3. It can be doable for beginners like Yoshida trail.

* It was less busy compared to Yoshida trail. You can't see any sunrise if you don't get to the top before then. It was easy but I didn't enjoy it as much as I did on Yoshida trail.

C. Subashiri trail:

The nearest train station is Shinmatsuda station, you can get there by Odakyu line from Shinjuku. From Shinmatsuda, there are local bus available during the high season.

The altitude of the 5th station (the beginning of the trail) is low so it would require you a bit more experience in hiking.

D. Gotenba trail:

There are buses available from JR Gotenba station, but the train is not really frequent and it is the least accessible trail for tourists who don't have a car. There are less hikers on this route so it won't be busy and the service at huts would be better compared to other 3, but the altitude of the 5th station is only 1440meters, and it's not recommended for beginners at all.

It has Oosunabashiri (sand slopes) and it's so much fun to go down. It was doable for beginners as well, and even easier compared to other routes in terms of getting down. There is only a few huts where you can stop for food or toilet, so be prepared if you choose to take this route.

3. What to bring?

You need to be fully equipped for the hike to Mt. Fuji.

I would like to rate the items as follows;

A: Necessary B: Better to have C: Not needed


-Hiking shoes: High cut shoes are the best.

-Decent rainwear: It has to be separate rain suits. Gore-tex fabrics is the best, and cheap poncho doesn't work well and I don't recommend it. If you don't have one, consider to get one or rent one.

-Warm jacket: The average temperature at the summit in August is just 6C. And if the strong wind is blowing, you would feel even colder. Down jackets for hiking or fleece jackets are needed even in summer, and needless to say, you would need even more if you are hiking after the end of August.

-Backpack: 30-35L would be enough if you are hiking in summer. Backpack cover is also necessary.

-Headlight: Mandatory for any hiking

-Gloves: Protection from cutting your hands with rocks on trails.

-Lots of 100yen coins and cash: Toilets are charged. And you can't use credit cards anywhere on trails.

-Water and snacks: You can buy them at huts but it's expensive.

-clothing made of chemical fibers: Avoid fabrics made of cotton.


-Trekking poles or stocks: You can get sticks at local shops too.

-Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat


-Oxygen: My friend brought one but it didn't make any difference. You don't have to bring one, and just try to drink enough water, walk slowly, have enough sleep and take a deep breath to avoid altitude sickness.

4.Where to sleep

There are lots of huts available.

You need prior booking if you want to stay one. And as I wrote, it is necessary if you are hiking after the end of August.

In the hut, it would be full of people and it could be noisy. Bring your eyemask and earplugs to secure enough sleep. You don't need to carry sleeping bags.

5. Alert

It can be doable for "anyone" to climb Mt. Fuji, but never ever forget that its altitude is 3776meters, and some people are dismissed every year. You need to be fully equipped for the hike and well prepared. I was caught in a heavy rain during the hike and it was really cold and exhausting. I had a reservation at the hut and I was wearing warm jacket and decent rain suits so I was OK but if I hadn't had either of them, I think I might have been dead, or even in the best case, I would have had to give up for the hike.

And during the off season (after the closure of all the huts), don't ever try to climb. There are no toilets and shelters even you needed help. Only pro alpinists can try during this time.

Lastly, it's the really great mountain and view from the top was incredible. If you are in Japan in summer, it would be the greatest memory for you. But again, it's a challenging mountain and be sure to get fully prepared!
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Lotus28 says:
Thanks guys! Just updated this review after another climb on Mt. Fuji.

Jutta, I have some more pics on my hiking blog ;-)
And Tommy, you can do that in early Sep if the weather is right. But you will have so many chances anyway!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2012
tommylennie says:
Great review Nobuko! I'm arriving in Tokyo on 29th August and was hoping to do the hike in September, but will wait until next July on your recommendation. Can't wait!
Posted on: Jul 25, 2012
mosted says:
Awesome review - next year you need to take us there!
Posted on: Jul 24, 2012
bensonryan bensonry…
98 reviews
I came, I saw, I conquered and felt good about it Aug 29, 2009
I've always wanted to comment on my ascent to Mt. Fuji for a long time but kept forgetting this honorable mention. This constant landmark offers a challenging upward trek that usually takes between 7 to 9 hours, and I wouldn't rush it if I were the intrepid traveler. There are several different trails that lead to the top given the fact that Mt. Fuji is very massive.

First time climbers should take the necessary precautions and preparations before making a day long commitment to this mountain. While it is a relatively safe mountain to climb, complemented with the many switchbacks and retaining walls to prevent erosion, it is a very physically arduous one as it sits 12,300 feet high. Descent back down the mountain requires much caution as many of my peers and I slid down the slippery gravel back down to the base of the mountain in the later afternoon.

Any traveler should be covered with sun block if they embark on the day climb. Being fair-skinned, I regretted missing a dime sized spot on the back of my neck and didn't apply it thoroughly to the extent of where I thought it may have been a second degree burn. There are options to night climb but climbers will have to dress extra warm if they pursue that time frame. Hydration is necessary. Also understand, that the higher you go up, the harder it is to breathe. If you can't afford the extra air tanks, then much patience will be required to ascend the final leg of the mountain.

Walking sticks are available at the shops near the base of the mountain and can be purchased for relatively cheap. The cost of branding your walking stick will add up as each stamp can cost between 300 to 500 yen a piece for every pit stop, and there are many, many pit stops. Each traveler should take along an extra 10000 yen for snacks, water, and stamps, along with funding to lounge at the restaurant at the top of the mountain. Breathable air tanks were also available at each pit stop along with snacks and drinks.

There is also an overnight hotel as well. I had the option of sending a post card from atop the mountain but didn't take advantage of it that time. In the end, I got banged up and sporadically sunburned in some parts despite precautions. I'm glad I was able to conquer Mt. Fuji. It is a good recommendation for healthy people who wish to challenge themselves in a unique opportunity.
Almost there....
...but not far enough!
Volcanic Center
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Suusj says:
Congrats on the feature :)
Posted on: Dec 29, 2016
vulindlela says:
Posted on: Dec 29, 2016
vances says:
Posted on: Dec 20, 2016

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