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Mt. Bromo Overview

Mt. Bromo ("Gunung Bromo") is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Eastern Java. It is one of several volcanoes within a volcanic massif called "Tengger Caldera" which is part of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. This massif consists of five single calderas. Bromo is located within the Sand Sea caldera. It is the youngest of several post-caldera cones.

Though not the highest peak within the massif (elevation: 7,641 feet/2329 metres) Mt. Bromo is the most frequently visited. This is due to the fact that the smouldering stratovolcano is not only a great sight but readily accessible.

A visit can be dangerous, though. The volcano is still active. During the last eruption in 2004 two people were killed and several injured.

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