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Mount Wilhelm Overview

Mount Wilhelm is the highest mountain in Oceania. Standing at 4,509 meters (14,793 ft) above the ocean level on the Eastern side of the island of Papua New Guinea. Purists will point out that the actual highest mountain on the island is actually Puncak Jaya, 4,884 m (16,024 ft) - but that one is located on the Irian Jaya part of the island that is geographically part of Indonesia and Asia.
Mount Wilhelm requires at least a 2 day ascent: 4-5 hours walk to base camp at the lakes followed by 6-9 hours of mostly night time walking to arrive at the summit by sunrise. The views are very much worth the 1AM wake up that it might require an average-speed team to summit.
Do not think that this is a walk in the park, however. The climb has some technical aspects and the peak has claimed many lives due to precipitous falls or getting lost and exposed. Traveling with a guide is imperative as there are many "possible" trails up the peak, but many deceptive non-trails that lead off off precipices.
If you are in PNG, this is a trek well worth the effort. The views from above are out of this world beautiful!