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Mount Sinai Overview

Mount Sinai or Mount Moses is a mountain in the Sinai Peninsula, it is called "Gabal Moussa" in arabic, Gabal means "mountain" and "Moussa" means Moses. Mount Sinai is 2285 metres high, and the popularity of this mountain arises from its religious significance in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

There are two routes to ascend the mountain, one way is less steep but takes longer time, you can take this way either by camel or by foot. the other way is ascend the 3750 steps. The pathway is covered in pebbles and rocks. You will probably need a bedouin guide to find the pathway unless there is enough light to follow along other travelers. It takes between 2 to 4 hours to climb and there are plenty of places to stops on the way up and purchase overpriced snacks and drinks.

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