Mount Nevis

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Mount Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis
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Mount Nevis - Nevis and Mount Nevis from the Caribbean Sea
Mount Nevis - Mount Nevis :-)
Mount Nevis - On the top, view of the island Nevis
Mount Nevis - Going up
Mount Nevis - Going down, slippery!

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Mount Nevis top of the island Nov 11, 2006
Mount Nevis is the top of the Caribbean island Nevis. Mount Nevis is an old and death vulcano, covered by the rain forest. Nevis is a really small island, 36 square miles, and the mountain is exactly in the middle and covers a large part.

Going up the mountain is for free, but you need a guide for two reasons: 1 finding the head of the trail, 2 for not getting lost and be on the mountain for days... This might cost something unless you have connections who do it for free.

When I lived on Nevis I really wanted to go up this mountain. It's a steep jungle climb to 1100m/3300ft. I went with a few students of the MUA, medical university of America, because they went up a few times before.

We left 6am to start hiking up to the top. It had rained a little at night so it was really slippery, which made it hard to climb up, but it was a lot of fun too. Soon it started to get hot and it's always humid in the rain forest. I brought two liters of water and I finished it all the way. After three hours of climbing and sliding we finally made it up to the top and had a great view over the small island and neighbour islands Saint Kitts, Monserat and Radonda.

Going down is almost more difficult and dangerous than going up. Covered by mud and sweat I came down with a great feeling og making it to the top.

You don't need to be super atlethic, only a litlle sportive and the will of pushing limits.
Mount Nevis :-)
Going up
On the top, view of the island Nev…
Going down, slippery!
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