Mount. Lawu (3265dpl)

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Mount. Lawu (3265dpl) Central Java Reviews

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Yogyakarta - Mt. Lawu Dec 28, 2010
me and my best friend was having the idea to spent the Xmas eve and Xmas morning on the top of the mountain with trekking. We planned to go to Merapi mountain 3 months ago (before it got erupted). But after erupted on last Oct, and we found out there still a problem to go to the top on xmas eve, we switched to Mount Lawu which much higher and challanging.

We certainly 2 crazy guy which want to try our stamina, and we did go there, because our air ticket and hotel has been booked.

When we arrived Yogyakarta at 7am, we rent a car and drive ourselve up to Borobudur Temple, It was a great experience to drive along the way and you can see the mount of Merapi still spilling smoke.

Borobudur as we heard it was a great temple, and it really great temple, we took some pictures and having fun there. But too bad some of the place can not be entered because it still in the cleaning process due to the volcanic ashes. Anyway we enjoy the temple with our style.

Then we move to Ketep pass to take some good scenery picture.

on the way down to Yogyakarta, we stop by on the Waroeng for lunch and we didnt expect too much on the lunch.

Another challange for us is finding our hotel in Yogyakarta, but thanks to Google Map on my Blackberry plus the GPS fiunction we spotted it quite easily. Everything was smooth on that day, until after we checked in and went to buy some necessary stuff for hiking.

I got a phone call from my tour guide, and said their car broke down and need us to go there instead of picking us up from hotel. And i try to find car rental and driver, it was cost like 500thousand IDR one way, and i was think it crazy I have to pay double.

Then I because of our main goal was going to Mount Lawu, I tried to get 1 and turns out our tour guide making another reason and seem like they are naugthy tour guide. and we were frustrated because it will ruined our trip and it was really last minute.

Then I turned to Hotel and asked them if they have any offer, and Hotel did find us 1 driver and rental car. We hire them and went to mountain and reach the top succesfully.

After we reach there, we were thinking we dont need driver, or car rental or any guide. the path is obvious, the only challange is the stamina. Climbing Mount Lawu is reaching our stamina. And luckily we have a good stamina and also we have the same aim, reaching the top for Xmas. So many time we have a thought to stop and give up, but God's will to helps us to the top. With the strong wind, cold weather and no tend to hide, we reach top at 4am (supposed to reach 5am) which we early by 3 hrs (because we start late by 1 hr, and stop on the post 1hr for hot and yummy noodle near the summit)

The experience was really awesome, we almost got hyperthermia, but it all worthed we we saw the sun slowly rise from the east. and it was beautiful seeing all cloud and the city far down there slowly turned off their light and got hit by pure sun rise. We can see how the light chase away the dark.

it was a great christmas day. Merry Chrismas every body...

On the way down, we took another way, which by our guide said it will take the same hour as the path we go up and it easier.

At first we going down with great spirit and all the scenery were breathtaking.

But when we hit the jungle, the nightmere approachig, actually that path is 3 time further than the path we went up, and it was muddy track, and we felt alot with slight twisted angkle and hot on our buttock.

going down hill time took us 4hr and 45mins which with tiny rest in the mid and a bit running on the way.

Comparing the trip up to the summit, it was tiring, and some rough track to climb but only took us 4 hrs to summit.

But both track has lots of great moments.

Our angkle and leg was tortured and wishing only 1 thing. going back to hotel and rest.

We did a great trip to lawu.

From Mt Lawu to Yogyakarta took 4 hrs by car and we just rest all the way and arrive to our hotel was just like arriving at the palace. Took bath and have a bit rest then we went to Chrch for Xmas Mass.

After the mass, its time for shopping, we went to malioboro and hire a good becak driver, he willing to wait for us and go around malioboro and suggest us to great area to buy great souvenier which only charge us 30thsd IDR. My God that was cheap....

And the morning after we just plain resting ourselves before we check out and departed from Adi Sutjipto Airport.

Great trip...
elmab says:
Im planning to go to Lawu in January. I'm trying to do my research. So you stayed in Yogya then took a taxi to the mountain and did the hike in one day?
What time is best to start the hike?
Posted on: Nov 01, 2012
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