Moulin Rouge

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Paris, France

Moulin Rouge Paris Reviews

jiggady_wig jiggady_…
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Moulin Rouge Mar 28, 2012
The Moulin Rouge was something I really wanted to do in Paris, but was quite unsure about because of the price. The girl I was travelling with didn't have the same desire to go as I did, but she ended up coming along with me and some other friends. Our reactions were very mixed.

The first thing I have to say is don't expect the Moulin Rouge to be anything like what you may have heard or seen in the film. As much as I hate to say it, it's not really a classy experience. It has definitely become a cash grab and you can tell that by the way they squeeze everyone in like sardines in a tin! The entertainment was good, but definitely verged on cheesy and tacky at times. This was fine for me...

I love dance, musicals and broadway so I really got into the celebratory mood. But my friend, who was hoping for somewhat more of an authentic glimpse into what the Moulin Rouge would've been like in its heyday, was severely disappointed.

So when it comes to recommending people to go or not, I would suggest you think about what you want to gain from the experience. If you are happy to go along to see the famous Moulin Rouge, and are happy to join in with the fun atmosphere, you will probably enjoy it. If you are after a really stellar performance and classy night, maybe save your euros.
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Nazira Nazira
16 reviews
Moulin Rouge Jan 10, 2012
You're not allowed to take pictures inside the show or keep your coats with you. I loved going to the moulin rouge show and would love to go again.

When I went in 2009, my ticket cost me 90 euros but it included being taken on a city tour at night around Paris and then being dropped off at the show. You have your own table with a bottle of champagne. The closer to the front you want to be, the more expensive the ticket, but it's worth every euro. I have never seen such beautiful dancers- both male and female.

There was a lot going on and so much variety. There's no way you'll be bored.

It's definitely something I've never seen before and I would love to go back.

The cost of my ticket also included being dropped back to my hotel. The show finishes pretty late so if you do decide to go, make sure you plan how you will get back to your hotel or it could be a really long walk home.
Nazira Nazira
16 reviews
moulin rouge Apr 13, 2011
I paid just under 100 euros for the moulin rouge show in nov/dec 2009. I absolutely loved it. I was scared it would be a waste of money, but I wasn't disappointed.

You get a tiny table to yourself and a bottle of champagne (small bottle. I also don't drink alcohol so it made no difference to me).

I loved the show and would definitely go back. You're not allowed to take any pics. After the show I went down the rd and had a freshly made crepe which went down well.
kyuri18 kyuri18
26 reviews
Fantastic show with glamorous costumes and set Oct 29, 2010
This world-renowned cabaret is located in the Red Light District (Pigalle area) of Paris. I was travelling with Globus group tour, and this show was offered as an option for 155 euros extra including dinner and drinks.

In the beginning, I was debating if I should join this or not as I thought it was a little pricey. However, I decided to try this after all because the tour director was telling us that we would regret it if we missed it. Even after I decided to do it, I was a bit unhappy because we had to wait in a line shaking from the cold. We had to leave our jackets on the bus because we were told that we could not bring our jackets inside. Though there was a coat check inside, the tour director claimed it would take forever to retrieve your coat from the coat check and did not want us to waste our time after the show. In addition to our coats, we were also required to leave our cameras before we entered (pictures are not allowed inside except for the professional photographer going around the tables asking if you'd like a photo taken).

After we were seated, dinner began at 7 pm. We were served a three course French dinner with a half bottle of wine or Champagne per person. The food was not that great, but it was ok for the price. After all, dinner, drinks, and the show are all included for 155 euros, so I thought it was still quite a good deal.

We finished dinner at about a quarter to 9, and the show finally started at 9 pm. Wow. I was so overwhelmed from the very beginning by the colorful and splendid costumes and the energies emitted by the dancers. As I heard, they were topless most of the time, but it didn’t look tawdry at all. The show was 90 minutes long, nonstop, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of it for a moment. It was continually entertaining, energetic, lively and beautiful.

Not only were the dancing and singing awesome, but also the woman dancing and swimming with snakes in the aquarium, the one-man show by the famous ventriloquist, the gynmastic act by Duo Stykan, the ponies and donkeys show, the juggling act ... they were all great fun and amazing.

I cannot believe how fast the 90 minutes passed. The show was so fantastic and glamourous. I would definitely recomment this show to everyone who visits Paris.
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louiseketley louiseke…
21 reviews
Once in a lifetime experience at The Moulin Rouge Sep 30, 2009
The Moulin Rouge is located in Paris' red-light district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy in the 18th arrondissement.

Seeing a show at the Moulin Rouge is not cheap, but lets face it, you're paying for the name more than anything. Although it is a lot of money to fork out it's an absolutely phenomenal experience. The caboret show which I saw included half a bottle of champagne - fantastic!

Moulin Rouge was built in 1889 and has housed several shows. The current show, (which I was lucky to see) 'Féerie', includes 4 main scenes with 69 songs, the acts are performed by 100 artists, including doriss girls, dancers, acrobats, magicians and clowns.

I'd really recommend this to anybody visiting Paris. The cost might be frightening but it's 110% worth the price. It's really fun and exciting to see and very enjoyable.
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peppertm peppertm
116 reviews
The Moulin Rouge Jul 04, 2009
First opened in 1889, the Moulin Rouge has housed various shows, with it’s current one being ‘Feerie’. Before we saw the cabaret show, though, we had to eat dinner. I don’t think the dinner and show was good enough to warrant paying 137 Euros, but I figured I would do it just to say I’ve seen a show at the Moulin Rouge. The dinner, which was at 7PM, was good, but not great. I chose to have the onion soup, and fish, and then the dessert, which was a piece of chocolate cake. We got wine and champagne, also. After the dinner was done, in which we got to listen to a man and woman sing throughout, the show started (at 9PM). Looking on the Moulin Rouge website, I’ve learned that there is a “troupe of 100 artists, including 60 Doriss girls recruited worldwide; 1000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones, and sequins; outstanding international acts; all this performed to original music recorded by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers”. Possibly best described as a classy strip show, the show was definitely the highlight of the night at the Moulin Rouge. It was quite the spectacle. However, had a show like this been offered in a different city, I probably wouldn’t have spent my time watching it. The Moulin Rouge is synonymous with Paris, and if you have the time and opportunity, I would recommend spending your evening taking in this cabaret show.
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peppertm says:
That's too bad. I guess you'll just have to go the next time you're in Paris ;)
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
X_Drive says:
When we were in Paris, they drove us past but we didn't get the opportunity to go. :(
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
riceballrox says: time I guess I just have to check it previously online.
thanks! =)
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mswim mswim
31 reviews
Mar 22, 2007
My last evening in Paris was spent paying a visit to the Moulin Rouge. There were more French people at the traditional cabaret than I expected, and I took this to be a good sign. The Moulin Rouge was built in 1889 by Joseph Oller and is located in what is now Paris’ red light district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clincy in the 18th arrondissement. It is easily spotted by the large red windmill on its roof.

Over the past century the Moulin Rouge has remained a popular tourist destination and I was determined to find why. Initially I didn’t intend on going but I didn’t have anything better to do so I shelled out the huge ticket price to join my new friends.

The most famous act at the Moulin Rouge is the traditional French Can-Can. It was initially performed here as an erotic way to entertain male clientele. It used to be performed by just one female who moved in a progressively provactive way. As time progressed the can-cans became more and more vulgar and overtly erotic. Women would lift their skirts and reveal their genitals, which caused for a public outrage. Throughout the years the Moulin Rouge’s reputation as an upperclass brothel has withered away. It soon became hip to visit the cabaret. Today, the show is gential free however the women are topless throughout much of the show.

Aside from the Can-Can we saw many more choreographed dancing involving elaborate sequin and feathered costumes, live animals, pools of water and sings hanging from the ceiling. A magician comedian and vocalists also entertained us.

Visiting the Moulin Rouge was certainly an experience. The food was delicious, the wine and champagne were quite tasty and the atmosphere was very friendly however this wasn’t exactly my thing. Most of my travel mates loved the Moulin Rouge, especially some of the males, but I found it rather boring at times. I also thought it was over priced.
missmzungu missmzun…
14 reviews
Moulin Rouge Mar 11, 2007
The Moulin Rouge is definitely the most famous cabaret show in Paris and maybe in the world. It was constructed in the 19th century and has a great historical value.

In the Moulin Rouge you pay mostly for that the name. The show was nice and the service was good. The stage is very small and I was really amazed when I noticed some dancers (not all of them) were wearing skin colored clothing underneath there costumes. Not that I wanted to see boobies so badly :). But it IS famous for that as well, so I was disappointed. Kind of like going to Haägen Dasz without being able to eat hot chocolate sauce with your ice cream :).

So in general, the show was good, we had a great laugh. And it was nice to see that historic please. You can really tell it's old (positif or negatif? I don't know). So it is a good idea to go there, but I highly recommend the Lido which was a lot more spectacular and internationally orientated.

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