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Mosul...Iraq's second largest city, with just under 2 million residents. Mosul is also called Um Al-Rabi'ain (The City of Two Springs), because autumn and spring are very similar. It is on both banks of the Tigress river. The University of Mosul is located here, and is one of the largest universities in the Middle East.

There are many Mosques all over Mosul that are beautiful to look at, however it can be tricky to visit due to the strict rules and traditions that go along with entering a mosque.

The weather is quite varied in Mosul, in the winter in rains almost everyday from late November until February or March. This can cause lots of flooding and mess due to the terrain. In the summer it gets very hot, up into the 120's sometimes even.

Current world affairs would stop most visitors from venturing into Iraq, and any decision to travel there should be given great thought.

Right 10/10 ;) . more : there is good place to see called (waterfalls) and (forest) and big mosque for prophet (yonus) and levee or weir on the river(dejla) called (saad almosul) make like lake , university of mosul very good and come No.2 in iraq more there is old market and old parts in city , there are 5 bridges over the river make connection between left and right side from city . for now u can say save city more than other places in iraq .