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#1 of 9 hotels in Moshi
ean030 says: "If you travel with Zara tours to Kilimanjaro or on safari in Tanzania, they will..."
#2 of 9 hotels in Moshi
dardeb says: "This hostel/hotel is away from the center of town. It's nice because it has a ga..."
#3 of 9 hotels in Moshi
pearcetoyou says: "We stayed at the Mountain Inn in Moshi the night before our climb on Mt. Kili. I..."
#4 of 9 hotels in Moshi
mwafrika says: "I was going for the Kilimanjaro marathon on 2nd March and had initially booked t..."
#5 of 9 hotels in Moshi
WandaMichelle says: "I was offered two nights at this hostel as part of the tour I booked to climb th..."
#6 of 9 hotels in Moshi
This smart and well run establishment is located in the heart of Moshi town in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Osy Grand Hotel Mos...
Average Rate
#7 of 9 hotels in Moshi
Location. Sal Salinero Hotel is located in Moshi. Hotel Features. Recreational amenities include an outdoor pool. This Moshi pr...
Average Rate
#8 of 9 hotels in Moshi
Travellers wishing to socialise can take advantage of the Kilemakyaro Mountain Lodge's bar, located on-site for your convenience...
#9 of 9 hotels in Moshi
There are no reviews or descriptions of New Coffe Tree Hotel yet. Have you stayed here? Write a review.
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