Morro de Sao Paulo

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Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Morro de Sao Paulo Reviews

Charls Charls
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Like Aug 05, 2011
Cuando visité esta isla allá por el 2001 solo pensaba quedarme un par de días, finalmente permanecí un año, si algún día vuelvo seguramente será para quedarme definitivamente. Extraño la guaraná Antártica....
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worldcitizen worldcit…
84 reviews
Oct 07, 2006
Morro de Sao Paulo is a town on the beautiful island of Tinhare which is about 300 km south of Salvador. Everyone calls it "Morro" and it's pronounced "Mo-ho". Most vistors relax during the day and party at night. On this island, you'll meet a bunch of travelers from all over Brazil and all over the world. Some people go for a night, but if you have time it's nice to stay for two nights.


To get there, most people take a catamaran from the Port of Mercado Modelo in Salvador. There are different companies that have trips back and forth during the day. Some cost $R50 and others cost $R60. The two hour ride and can get VERY choppy, especially on the way back, so come prepared. You can also take a bus to or drive south to the city of Valenca and get a much shorter boat ride to the island or catch a flight from Salvador to Morro.


Morro is divided into four beaches called first, second, third and fourth. All of the beaches have hotels so you can pick a place based on your budget and the atmosphere. The first beach and second beach are more lively. The third beach is more isolated but really close to the activities. The fourth beach is the quietest and most isolated. On busy weekends, you might want to book a room ahead of time especially if you have a large group.


There are no real roads on this island, just sandy paths. So kick off your shoes and relax. When the ferry drops you off at the first beach, there are a ton of "taxis"... these are guys with wheelbarrows who want to push around your stuff and show you to a hotel. You might actually want to invest in one of these "taxis" if you have a lot of stuff. Depending on where you stay, it can be a bit of a walk.


During the day most people tend to take it easy on the beach. The second beach is where you can lounge underneath an umbrella and sip from a coconut. People also relax at the bars along the beach to the sounds of reggae music. On the first beach, there are a lot of boutiques which tend to be overpriced. There are beautiful murals along the wall on this beach and the steps from the first to the second beaches offer some nice views. On the third and fourth beaches you can go snorkeling and diving and check out the coral and other sea life. Also, if you wander through the side streets further into town, there are wonderfully slow paced villages.

There are a ton of restaurants and an abundance of Italian food which can be hit or miss there. Pasta isn't always a good choice, but the pizza is usually good. There are also a lot of Japanese restaurants. No matter what you eat, you'll enjoy it more when you eat outside on the beach. At night there is a huge beach party on the second beach and dancing at the clubs. The bartenders at the numerous beverage kiosks there can make any tropical drink your heart desires. There is a club near the fort, another one near the lighthouse and a club called 87 on the second beach right by the big party. It's easy to get a voucher to get into 87 for free. I think year round the party is mostly on the weekends, but I hear in the summer these parties take place every night.


If you need anything practical while you're there, it's best to get it ahead of time in Salvador. I couldn't find an international phone card anywhere in Morro. If you don't have one and need to make a call, there are a few centers where you can make international calls but for a more hefty price. There are no banks in Morro and the shopping center-like place on the second beach has the only ATM on the island. There are internet cafes, but they are more expensive than the ones in Salvador. But it doesn't really matter because once you're in Morro, you'll forget all about the internet!
worldcitizen says:
Glad it helped! You should take into consideration that since it's been five years, some of the prices (and possibly some of the other info) could be out of date!
Posted on: May 28, 2011
worldcitizen says:
Yeah definitely... I'd like to be there right now!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2007

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