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Quite possibly one of the most beautiful countries within the Balkan region is Montenegro. Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, with borders along Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania, the country has long been overshadowed by the remnants of civil war that tore through the region in the early 90s when Yugoslavia underwent civil war and fractured into the many countries that now exists. However, the country has finally begun to stabilize in the 21st century, and the tourist industry that used to exist has now begun to reemerge. This is a both a blessing and a curse in the sense that on one hand the increased level of tourism means the country is recovering economically and has more money to spend on improvements, but on the other hand said improvements mean that a large number of towns, hotels, and roads are being renovated and constructed, which leads to delays and the inconvenience of construction blocking the natural beauty and the annoyance of construction noise.

However, that being said, Montenegro is still one of the best places to experience the natural beauty of the Balkans and the Adriatic Sea. From the two kilometers of beaches along Becici to the sea port of Bar, to the ancient city of Herceg Novi founded in 1382 in the bay, to the UNESCO site at Kotor, or the luxury yacht arena at Tivat, the coastal beauty of Montenegro is without par. But looking east from the coast you can see the Balkan Mountains rising above the country like some giant, rugged snake, and in between are literally dozens of forests, lakes, rivers, valleys, and plenty of smaller towns and ancient ruins to explore.

First-time visitors should start off in Podgorica, the capital city, and from there head out into places like Cetinje, the ancient royal capital with its museums and monasteries, or head up into the mountains to visit the resort town of Kolasin, or the headquarters for hiking and trekking in Zabjak. With such a variety of destinations to choose from, it’s impossible to see it all in just one trip.

Budva #1 most popular location
Budva is a summer get away town on the coast of Montenegro. Very touristy but mainly with travelers coming from Serbia, Russia and Germany. The peak season for Budva is from May to October wi…
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Kotor #2 most popular location
Kotor is a coastal town in Montenegro. It is located in a most secluded part of Gulf of Kotor. In the Middle Ages, this natural harbour on the Adriatic coast in Montenegro was an important ar…
34travelers 18reviews 23blogs
Podgorica #3 most popular location
Podgorica is the capital and largest city of Republic of Montenegro. Most of the city was destroyed during World War II, so, Podgorica is relatively new. During its long history it survived g…
30travelers 17reviews 6blogs
Ulcinj #4 most popular location
2travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Herceg Novi #5 most popular location
Herceg Novi is a town on the coast of Montenegro, at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and close to the border with Croatia. Through its turbulent past Herceg Novi was conquered by Turks, Sp…
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Sveti Stefan #6 most popular location
Sveti Stefan is one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic coast. And the real "must see" in Montenegro. The small medieval fishing town is built on a rocky island to be protecte…
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Petrovac #7 most popular location
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Bar #8 most popular location
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Kolasin #9 most popular location
Kolasin is a town in northern Montenegro at 960 meters altitude. "Uncontaminated Switzerland", so was described Kolasin by a German journalist that spent here his winter vacations. Wha…
3reviews 1blogs
Zabljak #10 most popular location
1travelers 3reviews
Tivat #11 most popular location
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Becici #12 most popular location
Perast #13 most popular location
Perast is small village-town in Montenegrian fjord called Boka Kotorska. Most of the buildings in the old town were built during the time Venice ruled this area. Few Baroque palaces are cramp…
Milocer #14 most popular location
Cetinje #15 most popular location
Cetinje (Цетиње) is the old capital of Montenegro, thus its historical and spiritual center. It is the official residence of the President of Montenegro. It lies at the foot of Mt. Lov…
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Stari Bar #16 most popular location
Igalo #17 most popular location
Piva River Canyon #18 most popular location
Sutomore #19 most popular location
Podgorica Airport #20 most popular location
Lovcen National Park #21 most popular location
Ostrog Monastery #22 most popular location
Zebljak #23 most popular location
Herceg-Novi #24 most popular location
Herceg Novi is located at a strategic and attractive geographic area. It’s a coastal town in Montenegro located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and at the foot of Mount Orjen. Archeol…
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Sukobin #25 most popular location
Bogetici #26 most popular location
Vranjina #27 most popular location
Petrovac na Moru #28 most popular location