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One of the most rugged states in the nation, nicknamed Big Sky Country for its wide open views of the sky, Montana is a state of great natural beauty, from the flatlands in the eastern regions of the state, to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the west. It is one the last refuges for the true cowboy, and hosts some of the largest private ranches in the entire United States. It is home to Yellowstone National Park, which is quite possibly the most famous national park in the entire world. The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail passes through the state, and Montana is also home to Glacier National Park, as well as Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Montana is largely in outdoors enthusiast’s destination, especially with regards to the national parks and the mountains. And although towns such as Bozeman and Missoula give off a modern vibe that is common throughout the United States, many of the cities and regions have a decidedly Western feel to them. One of the other nicknames for the state is The Last Best Place, and that could very well be true because Montana has a lot to offer, and it really is the last of the Western frontier states.

The official website for the state breaks Montana down into six regions, due to the largeness of the territory. Glacier Country is the northwestern region of the state, home to Glacier National Park, while Old West Country is the southwestern region. Russell Country is north central, and Yellowstone Country is south central. Missouri River Country is the far northeast region, and Custer Country is far southeast. Each region of the state refers to one of the major sights within that region, so depending on what you want to experience in Montana will dictate which part of the state go to. Bring your sense of adventure along with you, because it will most certainly find you at any given moment while visiting.

Missoula #1 most popular location
Missoula is the second largest city in Montana with a population of 70000. It's nickname is "the garden city " It's a student town and have some good breweries here
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Billings #2 most popular location
Billings is Montana's largest city with an estimated population (as of 2006) of a little more than 100,000.
39travelers 5reviews 3blogs
West Yellowstone #3 most popular location
West Yellowstone is a small western town nestled in the spectacular Rocky Mountains. It is known as the western gateway to Yellowstone National Park, and has been offering accomodations to th…
6travelers 9reviews 12blogs
Bozeman #4 most popular location
Bozeman, Montana is home to Montana State University and the Bobcats. There are excellent shopping and recreational activities, as well as educational opportunities, such as the Museum of the…
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Great Falls #5 most popular location
Great Falls is a community of more than 55,000 people located near the geographical center of Montana. It is surrounded by the Little Belt Mountains to the east, the majestic Rocky Mountains …
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Whitefish #6 most popular location
Small town in Montana. It has a cute little town center. Great location for hiking, close to Glacier national park
16travelers 5reviews 4blogs
Big Sky #7 most popular location
Located high in the Northern Rockies, Big Sky has something to offer everyone: magnificent mountains for skiing and hiking, streams and rivers full of trout, great dining, and a variety of sh…
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Kalispell #8 most popular location
Kalispell is located at the northwestern tip of Montana. It is 7 miles northwest of Flathead Lake, 31 miles Southwest of Glacier National Park, and is bordered on the east by Flathead Nationa…
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Helena #9 most popular location
Helena is the capital city of Montana, and, along with its surrounding areas, the population reaches almost 70,000. Lewis and Clark crossed the Helena valley about 200 years ago. The town …
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Butte #10 most popular location
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Gardiner #11 most popular location
Gardiner is a town in Park County, Montana. The population was 851 at the 2000 census. Gardiner was officially founded in 1880 by Johnson Gardiner, a trapper, but the area has served as a …
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Livingston #12 most popular location
14travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Red Lodge #13 most popular location
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Hamilton #14 most popular location
5travelers 2reviews
Polson #15 most popular location
A nice, scenic, rural town in Montana, along Flathead Lake. Great place to watch the sunrise over the water! Seems like a cherry stand on every corner, at least in August! A friendly town n…
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Bigfork #16 most popular location
2travelers 2reviews
Saint Mary #17 most popular location
Shelby #18 most popular location
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Big Timber #19 most popular location
Big Timber got its name in 1806 from a railroad official who read the journals of William Clark. In his writings, Clark mentioned the giant cottonwood trees that grew near the area called "Ri…
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Glendive #20 most popular location
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Hardin #21 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Darby #22 most popular location
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Belgrade #23 most popular location
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Columbia Falls #24 most popular location
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West Glacier #25 most popular location
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Glasgow #26 most popular location
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Virginia City #27 most popular location
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East Glacier Park #28 most popular location
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Deer Lodge #29 most popular location
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Hungry Horse #30 most popular location
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Lolo #31 most popular location
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Cooke City #32 most popular location
Columbus #33 most popular location
Columbus is located in Stillwater County. It is about 40 minutes from Billings (Montana's largest city) The estimated population of Columbus in 2006 was almost 2,000.
Crow Agency #34 most popular location
Crow Agency in Montana is close to the Little Bighorn Battlefield, site of Custer's Last Stand. Just off the highway, amongst rolling hills and not too many trees, there are the grave marker…
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Yaak #35 most popular location
Anaconda #36 most popular location
Anaconda is a former industrial center with a rich history, and more recently, a recreational community. Located in southwestern Montana, the Continental Divide passes within a few miles of t…
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Malta #37 most popular location
Bynum #38 most popular location
Broadus #39 most popular location
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Reed Point #40 most popular location
Norris #41 most popular location
Lincoln #42 most popular location
The town of Lincoln, with a population of around 2,000, is located in Lewis and Clark County, approximately 60 miles northwest of Helena, 86 miles southwest of Great Falls, and 80 miles east …
Bannack #43 most popular location
Arlee #44 most popular location
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Ingomar #45 most popular location