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Mont Saint Michel, France
Mont-Saint-Michel - Me in front of Mont-Saint-Michel during the summer of 1996.
Mont-Saint-Michel - St Michaels Mount
Mont-Saint-Michel - Front of Mont St Michel
Mont-Saint-Michel - Mont St Michel, Back view
Mont-Saint-Michel - Alley in Mont St Michel
Mont-Saint-Michel - Mont St Michel, from the causeway approaching
Mont-Saint-Michel - Mont St Michel

Mont-Saint-Michel Mont Saint Michel Reviews

kvom kvom
18 reviews
New arrangements for the mont Jun 08, 2012
There is now in place a large area of paid parking that costs 8.50 euros. From these lots you need to walk a good distance to where a shuttle bus takes you somewhat close to the entrance.

There is a project underway to restore the bay surrounding the mont and eliminate much of the silting. This work is to be completed in 2015, at which time the current causeway will be replaced by a bridge. At high tide the sea will surround the island entirely.

Since I was here 18 years ago, the mass of shops below the monastery hasn't changed much, nor has the monastery itself. The tour route is a but different as the exist leads via the gardens to the north.

The cost for our visit was very reasonable, as children under 18 traveling with family are free. So the three of us just cost the 9 euros for my ticket.
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camwilde camwilde
163 reviews
Mont-Saint-Michel: A wonderful city surrounded by water Dec 05, 2012
I returned to France in 1996 to visit some friends. After all my time living in France, I had never visited this coastal city, which was a shame. So, I went with a friend's family to visit and I was not disappointed.

As you come up on the city, it is quite impressive. It basically is a city built up on itself and jets out of the ocean. You can walk to the city during low tide, but be careful. You could get stuck if the tide comes in and the trackway gets covered.
Me in front of Mont-Saint-Michel d…
Walrus Walrus
4 reviews
Jun 07, 2007
For another day trip from Dinan we took in Mont St Michel. It was about a half hour drive from the campsite to the car park on the causeway leading up to the Mont. It cost 4€ to park for the day and you don’t need to pay to actually get on the tidal island.

The view approaching the Mont is spectacular and just as impressive as being in the isle.

Mont St Michel is a small fortified granite island with a large monastery at its peak, surrounded by old mediaeval buildings which must have inspired the creators of Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings films. The monastery costs 8€ to visit and is well worth the money. We even managed to witness a mass taking place with hymns/psalms being sung beautifully by a choir.

It is surrounded by mud flats in which the tides can rapidly come in. You can hire guides to walk you to another small isle further out avoiding the sinking sands. We managed to walk round the base of the Mont with only one slip casualty!

We expected the restaurants and Creperies to be exorbitantly priced but they were no more expensive than Dinan. Mont St Michel does get very busy though; it was when we were there in the quiet season, so I would try arranging visits for either very early in the morning or certainly mid-week.
Mont St Michel, from the causeway …
Front of Mont St Michel
Alley in Mont St Michel
Mont St Michel, Back view
jostravel jostravel
55 reviews
Mont St Michel...or St Michaels Mount? Nov 05, 1991
Sadly the photos are taken from the web as my trip to Mont St Michel was done in 1991, and my 3 trips to St Michaels Mount were done in the 90's - therefore all my photos are in albums collecting dust, rather than on the computer. I will find time to seek them out though, and set about getting them scanned!

Being sister islands you'd think they would be pretty much the same - they really aren't - both are stunning in their own unique ways.

Mont St Michel is off the coast of Normandy in France. When the tide is out you can drive or walk across, or take a boat when it's blocked off by the sea. It's like a little village, and has lots of little cottages surrounding the harbour, with a street of little shops as you head up to the abbey at the top. It's been so long since I visited that if I went into the history and detail of the place I'd have to take all the information from wikipedia - something I'm sure you can look at if you want to know all the background - certainly not something I'm going to cut and paste here!! All I will say is it really is worth a visit. It is a lovely picturesque village, and the views from the top are simply beautiful.

It's sister island, St Michaels Mount is off the coast of Marazion near Penzance in Cornwall, UK. Again, you can get to either on foot or in the car when the tide is out, or like me you can take a boat across the rocky waters and feel the boat bouncing off the waves as you approach the island. It is very much like Mont St Michel, in that it has little cottages and shops up the enticing little street as you approach the entrance to the gardens. The last time I visited here was one wet and windy day in September 2005, and once at the top we were almost blown away - literally off the top by the strong winds. Luckily there are old cannons you can grab hold of to stop yourself being swept to sea :) The views of Penzance from here are stunning - and on a clear day you can see for miles.

Both are amazing places to visit - and I feel quite lucky to have had the opportunity to visit both. All I need to do now is get my photos sorted!!
Mont St Michel
St Michaels Mount

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Mont-Saint-Michel Map
Mont Saint Michel
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