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Monrovia. Located on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa on Cape Mesurado, it is the capital city of Liberia. More than that, it is the most populated city in the entire country, and is the center for everything from finance to culture to political and social aspects of Liberian life. This is a political hotspot, and a major seaport for the country, but the infrastructure is shockingly poor for a city of such importance. If there were one place in the world which could be the poster child for poorer cities where the residents lack many of the basic amenities that the rest of the civilized world take for granted, Monrovia would be one of them. As such, Monrovia is not a destination for the average traveler. Electricity and running water are luxuries in Liberia, and this is a place reserved for intrepid adventurers whose sole purpose in traveling is to see beyond the borders of civilization, and to experience everything that the world has to offer.

Aside from the lack of modern infrastructure, Monrovia is a great starting point for those looking to explore the beauty of Liberia. The country itself is a beautiful landscape of rolling hills covered in mangroves, swamps, and mountains. Lush, tropical rainforests cover everything, and there are plenty of beaches along the coast, with many of them close to Monrovia itself. And while things have been slow to recover since the civil wars of the late 20th century, the city itself is slowly reshaping and rebuilding over the years, and the people show remarkable spirit despite their hardships. With strong ties to the Western world, Liberia is poised on the brink of a new era, and Monrovia is a city bustling with energy beneath the surface. There is no doubt that things here are still rough, but this is still the best place to explore the surrounding countryside, as long as you come prepared.