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Money matters in Myanmar Dec 09, 2012
We'd heard about how others had encountered problems with money matters in Myanmar, so we tried to read up as much as possible and get tips from various people on what to do ...

It turned out that some of the information we received was outdated but luckily we arrived on separate days and thus were able to avoid a disaster ...

The bank in Thailand only had big notes, we ended up with 100 and 50 US dollar bills. These and other currencies are best exchanged in airports, as the rates there are much better than at the banks or hotels.

Guest Houses prefer you to pay in dollars but at the same time, they're extremely particular about receiving crisp USD notes. I paid (and preferred to) for everything in Kyat except for my train tickets.

This saved me the stress of making sure to keep my notes from getting crumpled and arguments with the locals into accepting notes with even the slightest crease.

Guest Houses outside of Yangon are more particular about how crisp your notes are. In Yangon, they're less particular and often palm off creased notes to you in change ...

You're likely to get short-changed changing money through the touts around Sule Pagoda, unless you're extremely careful and have someone with you to count the money. They offer what seems fantastic rates but skim some notes off when you're not looking.
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