Mole National Park

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Mole National Park, Ghana
Mole National Park - elephant footprint
Mole National Park - elephant footprint
Mole National Park - You can walk right up to the watering hole where these elephants almost always are, cooling off.
Mole National Park - You can walk right up to the watering hole where these elephants almost always are, cooling off.
Mole National Park - You can walk right up to the watering hole where these elephants almost always are, cooling off.

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silan silan
59 reviews
Jul 10, 2006
Mole National Park is a worthy visit, although slightly difficult to get to. Be prepared for a bumpy ride when you get close, but it's all worth it to see Ghana's largest national park. We woke up early to go on a walking safari. Seeing as the park is over 400 square kilometres, we only scratched the surface, but were successful in seeing many elephants bathing in the waterholes, warthogs, baboons, antelope, green monkeys and a crocodile, which our awesome guide, Yeboah, scared into the water so we could see it jump in. The walk was amazing early in the morning when it wasn't too hot and the animals were out and about. I've heard there are also lions in the park, seen only twice by the guides. When we asked Yeboah what the guides did when they saw the lion, he simple replied, "they ran.".

The only place to stay is the Mole Motel, located on the top of a cliff overlooking the park. The view is amazing, so be sure to set aside some time to sit on the grass and watch the sun set over the miles and miles of trees. The motel offers nice, large rooms with a private bathroom, a pool and restaurant located right on the park. Don't be surprised if you wake up in the morning, walk outside and there's an elephant or warthog outside your room! We had the pleasure of watching two warthogs mate outside our room (in my head, "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi played in my head).
You can walk right up to the water…
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Travelstein Travelst…
10 reviews
Mole National Park May 23, 2003
The bus had some (8 hours) delay so I arrived at night. Waking up the next morning there were baboons on the porch. It was a simple resort, but clean though and with a small pool. I did the guided tour by foot and saw elephants in a little lake and some crocs appearing every now and then. We only saw prints of lyonfeet, but didnt encounter any (luckely, since we were on foot). It was a mini safari, though unforgettable. Haven't got some pics yet, since I didn't have a digital camera yet and didn't scan the old fahioned ones in yet.

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Mole National Park
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