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Mohelno Overview

Small village about 30 minutes away from Brno and about 5 kilomters from nuclear power pland Dukovany.
Behind village begins a unique steppe-like area located on a hillside facing the south has developed on a serpentine, which has a large content of magnesium, iron and heavy metals. Herds of sheep and goats used to graze on grassland. The local plants are smaller than usual (so-called nanoforms). For example, mulleins reach to a height of a mere 8 centimetres or less, whereas dandelions are fifteen times smaller than those you can see in ordinary meadows. The local warmed earth (on average 10°C warmer than that in the surrounding area) is particularly suitable for several hundreds species of spider and ant. Below the hillside the River Jihlava creates a meander that is known as Čertův Ocas (Devil's Tail). People settled here as early as in the Palaeolithic era as documented by findings of flint tools. An educational trail consisting of a spring route and an autumn route runs through the most interesting parts of the area.

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