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One of the Southern states of America, Mississippi is known for its catfish production, it's southern hospitality, the rural nature of the state, and the Mississippi River which flows along its western border. Despite having some of the lowest standards of education and some of the worst civil rights issues in the history of the United States, Mississippi could be characterized as being the truest Southern State. From the history of the blues music scene to the origin of Elvis Presley to the miles upon miles of winding country roads through some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation, Mississippi is an undiscovered state just bursting with opportunities.

There are a few things to understand when you go to Mississippi. First of all, the majority of the state’s residents practice the Baptist version of the Christian religion. This means that most people you meet are going to be extremely conservative, both socially and religiously. In addition, the state still uses the Confederate flag symbol in the upper left corner of the state flag, which is an extremely sensitive issue with a wide variety of individuals, so you should avoid discussing this in social settings.

The state boasts extremely dense forests, with over half the state being covered by wild trees. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is a great place to go. Even if you just enjoy it from the comfort of your car as you cruise the winding roads, it’s still an amazing sight. Or, if you want to taste some of the world-famous catfish and delve into the history of blues, there is no better place to do so. The capital of the state, Jackson, is probably the best place to start for both, as it is packed with blues joints and restaurants offering some of the finest fish and tunes in the entire state. All in all, a true Southern experience.

Biloxi #1 most popular location
When people think of the state of Mississippi, their first thought is not of the water so Biloxi is a surprise for many people. Biloxi is right on the Gulf Coast and its way of life revolves…
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Jackson #2 most popular location
Besides being the state capital of Mississippi, it is also the largest city in Mississippi with a population of about 175,000.
57travelers 5reviews 1blogs
Vicksburg #3 most popular location
Vicksburg is a city in Mississippi about 60 km west of Jackson. One of the most important battles in the American civil war took place here
14travelers 4reviews 2blogs
Gulfport #4 most popular location
Welcome to beautiful Gulfport, the second largest city in Mississippi. The hidden gem of the Gulf Coast. Everyone always thinks about Florida, check out Mississippi Gulf Coast, beautiful beac…
33travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Natchez #5 most popular location
Named after the Native American tribe that first settled the area, Natchez is known for its beauty and history. Lying on the coast of the Mississippi River, this town has a quiet park perfe…
6travelers 9reviews 2blogs
Meridian #6 most popular location
9travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Robinsonville #7 most popular location
Ridgeland #8 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Ocean Springs #9 most popular location
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Moss Point #10 most popular location
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Canton #11 most popular location
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Batesville #12 most popular location
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Oxford #13 most popular location
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Greenville #14 most popular location
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Fulton #15 most popular location
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Tunica #16 most popular location
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Bay Saint Louis #17 most popular location
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Winona #18 most popular location
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Durant #19 most popular location
Magnolia #20 most popular location
The actual town of Magnolia is about 1 mile from the Interstate 55 exit and is worth the short dive to check out! Even though McComb, MS, is the larger city, Magnolia is the county seat. Yo…
Winterville #21 most popular location
Crystal Springs #22 most popular location
Woodville #23 most popular location
Lorman #24 most popular location