Misfat Al A'Briyeen Travel Guide

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Misfat Al A'Briyeen Overview

Misfat Al A'Briyeen, commonly known as Misfah, is a small village in the Dakhiliyah region of Oman. Located up a steep and winding road about six miles from Al Hamra, Misfah is the town that time forgot. Many towns in Oman feature abandoned sections where traditional mud brick buildings have been abandoned in favor of modern materials, but not so in Misfah. Many of the buildings here are over 400 years old and the community continues on with a simple farming economy (the hillsides are terraced).

As one might imagine, clinging to tradition is not a recipe for growth, and the population of Misfah only numbers about 300. Cars are not permitted to drive through the narrow passages, but visitors may tour the village on foot for no charge. There are two main pathways, marked by painted Omani flags, which visitors should stick to. It is possible to drive right up to the village, so the automobile prohibition is no deterrent to visiting this glimpse of the past.