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#1 of 51 hotels in Minsk
EuropeTravelGuide says: "I liked Sputnik. Many thousands Russian tourists like Sputnik, too book in ..."
#2 of 51 hotels in Minsk
csaba says: "I have good opinion about this hotel, although firstly the staff didnt seem too ..."
#3 of 51 hotels in Minsk
parabellum says: "For those who travel across Belarus or further to Russia, Poland or Lithuania by..."
#4 of 51 hotels in Minsk
Chokk says: "I looked at different options for the first night in Minsk and after looking at ..."
#5 of 51 hotels in Minsk
Deftones says: "I stayed here for 2 nights during my Eastern Europe trip this summer. The hotel ..."
Average Rate
#6 of 51 hotels in Minsk
hauteboy says: "Spent two nights at the Yubileiny hotel in Minsk. I had pre-booked my hotel and..."
Average Rate
#7 of 51 hotels in Minsk
world-traveller123 says: "We stayed here as part of Contiki. It was a pleasant hotel for our one night sta..."
#8 of 51 hotels in Minsk
Hostel Jazz is located in a quiet district, 3 km from Victory Square in Minsk city centre. The Schedrina bus stop is a 5-minute ...
#9 of 51 hotels in Minsk
Minsk-Arena, Belarusian Nature and Environment Museum and Chizhovka-Arena are within easy driving distance of the EasyFlat Hoste...
#10 of 51 hotels in Minsk
The Postoyalets offers budget accommodation, rooms with TV and free Wi-Fi. Popular tourist spots are within easy walking distanc...
Average Rate
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