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Millennium Park Chicago Reviews

David David
22 reviews
Who doesn't like Parks? Mar 08, 2011
I was in Chicago last weekend for a friend's birthday and stopped by the park on the way to the Art Institute. It's actually part of Grant Park, so if when you hear both mentioned understand that Millennium is part of Grant and this should help get your bearings straight. While it was a cold cloudy day the park was still enjoyable. People were skating in the ice rink and walking around checking out the Cloud Gate and Crown Fountain. The Cloud Gate is the famous metallic looking bean. It's much bigger in person and you can see it slightly above the trees when you approach the park from the streets. The Crown Fountain consist of two fountain towers that will display people's faces, changing randomly. The fountain portion wasn't operational as it was winter. Overall, something not be missed while you are in Chicago.
Cloud Gate aka The Bean at Millenn…
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David says:
I bet the weather was a lot better =P
Posted on: Jun 20, 2011
nik2blessed says:
yes I was there today...waterfall very much working now =)
Posted on: Jun 19, 2011
travelman727 says:
Nice review, David! I love Cloud Gate :-D
Posted on: Mar 08, 2011
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TSXSquirrelygirlie TSXSquir…
51 reviews
The heart of the city Jul 07, 2011
I walk through the park daily because I live right by it. It never gets old. Concerts in the summer and ice skating in the winter. They also have multiple art pieces in the park that are pretty cool. Such as the famous bean. The summer also offers this really cool water fountain type art piece with faces that kids (or adults) can play in. It's huge and the kids have a blast in it. The park is just a nice break from the busy city that surrounds it. I highly recommend Millennium Park.
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Nair2011 Nair2011
246 reviews
Must visit attraction in Chicago downtown Aug 10, 2011
After spending 3 hours in Millenium park yesterday evening, I can definitely say that this park is one of the must visit attractions in Chicago downtown.

A huge park with many activities on a weekday. There are maps located all through out the park with details of the different places to visit inside the park. Important places are the following..

Cloud gate: Made with steel, this bean shaped structure reflects the tall buildings around it. We can see many retlections of our selves if we stand inside and look up.

Jay Pritzker Pavillion: This is an outdoor lawn and grant park music festival is on here. Many visitors and locals are assembled here for the same in groups. Nice architecture.

Crown Fountain: Two huge fountain pillars facing opposite to each displays the faces with different expressions. Frown, Smile, Sad etc.. When these faces close the eyes and open the mouth with a smile water comes from their mouths. Many kids will be seen playing here with water.

Other than the above we can see Ice scating ground, Dance and Music Theater, Iron shapes in boeing gallery, Garden etc..
Map in the park
Crown Fountain
Crown Fountain
Crown Fountain
nik2blessed nik2bles…
94 reviews
Must see Park Jun 19, 2011
Everyone has had their share review of Millennium Park, and everyone has read them. Then there's my fun filled adventures and extra two cents that matter..."funny"!

After seeing the photos one thing you already know is what is before your eyes. Now here's what I have to say:

1. Bring comfy shoes or sneakers.

2. No more than $25

3. Camera

4. Friend to take photos

5. Energy (for the walking around, and no telling if you wanna walk further in city)

You might have your lunch with you, which would be smart. Everyone knows restaurants are all over, so if you intend to spend -bring more cash. If you care to try something new -bring more cash. Wanna ride taxi there -more cash. In a rush to see more places, Yep, -more cash. Really I recommend 2 days in the city of Chicago. Millennium Park is a good deal and great for entertainment with the music at the Pavillion, the bean, crown fountain, and awesome art throughout park!
trash, hmmm?
park flowers
the bean
our reflection
jamesdean252 jamesdea…
68 reviews
Millennium Park Jun 16, 2011
Millennium Park is in the heart of downtown Chicago part of Grant Park with in walking distance of Lake Michigan. This is a great spot to meet people traveling near and far from friends to family or even another travbuddy. From the crown fountain, cloud gate (the bean), Lurie garden, Jay Pritzker pavilion, art displays, and few other park features that attracts millions of people each year. The park is free but parking is $19 for under 3 hours. If you are heading to Chicago the bean and crown fountain is worth checking out, as you can tell from the other reviews.
NY-Yankees NY-Yanke…
3 reviews
"The Bean" Jul 16, 2011
The Bean is really enough of a reason in itself to go to Millennium. Simple and sophisticated, it kept me entertained for hours. It's a feeling that must be experienced first hand.

They now have a foot dipping station which sounds gross but awesome on a hot summer day. Would love to one day catch a concert there.
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
Mesmerizing Attraction in Chicago Apr 21, 2010
Chicago's Millenium park is a visually stunning and facinating place to be on a warm afternoon. It is a relatively small park, but well decorated with art, the infamous Crown fountain, the cloud gate structure and the great city skyline juxtaposed with nature. A mesmerizing place that attracts millions of visitors every year. It has something for everyone. The park was opened on July 16th, 2004 and is one of the most popular attractions in Chicago.

Perhaps the most intriguing of all the art in the park is the Bean. The sculpture is made of a series of seamless stainless steel plates that from an ordinary man’s eye looks like the vacuum of a flask. The polished stainless steel is so clear it reflects like a mirror bringing to light a dramatic backdrop of Chicago’s skyline.
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1sweetgapeach 1sweetga…
5 reviews
Millennium Park is amazing! May 25, 2010
This place is so amazing and beautiful between the art and flowers don't know which one i liked better!! a must see the park is free and they have concerts there during the summer the only thing that cost is the parking think its $16.50 no matter if its an hour or all day and the parking garages are NOT made for bigger vehicles but it is def a must see
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abbybsb902 abbybsb9…
14 reviews
Millinium Park a must in Chicago Oct 05, 2010
Its exactly how you imagine by looking at pictures only slightly cooler looking at all these sculptures. Some of the sculptures are not as well publicized but all modern. The famous bean has a funky look and angle depending where you are standing especially in the middle inside. The shops are overpriced in the park and oddly enough I recommend you walking across the street to Walgreens to get your souvenirs. Not only will you find some merch more entertaining its a HECK of alot cheaper. Actually throughout the city most of the pharmacies sell affordable souvenirs unlike the overprice tourist sites but the largest selection for your buck we found was like I said the Walgreens across from Millennium Park not to mention store brand 20 oz. lemonade...for some reason this was cheaper then water for 50 cents.
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osgoodst osgoodst
124 reviews
Iceskating at Millennium Park Dec 21, 2010
Millennium park is a great place to hang out at during the summer, but what about it winter? Well last weekend me and bonnie were in the area and decided to go for a skate. YOu see chicago is a really cold place, so it would make since to go iceskating, and what better place then among the huge skyline?

It is 10 bucks to rent some skates, but if you have your own you can do it for free. (by it I mean skate). Get there in the morning to mid afternoon or the place will be overrun by obnoxious, and probably drunk people.
random skating
more random skating
me and bonnie
us again
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chelsdov1228 chelsdov…
4 reviews
nice place to visit, captures chicago. the bean is the best! Aug 05, 2010
I loved Millenium Park. The reflective bean is quite the attraction and is pretty remarkable. When you look at it from a distance it blends into the sky. Then when you get up close it's fun to look at all the warped reflections, especially on the inside. I went on kind of a cloudy day, so I bet the whole park is really nice on a sunny day. I liked the face fountains there too. A must if you like modern art!
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sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Millennium Park Aug 21, 2010
Millennium Park is a lovely park in Chicago, between the Loop and the Lake. It

is the world’s largest roof garden (at the moment), as it is on top of railway

tracks and a car park.

There are a number of separate reasons to go to Millennium Park. The largest is

the Pritzer Music Shell, which is a sort of giant bandstand designed by the same

architect who made Bilbao’s branch of the Guggenheim. It provides decent sound

quality and lighting for outdoor gigs, and has a large lawn where you can picnic

in the daytime. The most photographed is almost certainly the Cloud Gate, a

gorgeous sculpture also known as “the bean” which reflects the city skyline and

people underneath it. It must be one of the prettiest pieces of public art I’ve

ever seen. But my joint favourites are the Crown Fountain and the waterfeature

in the Lurie wildflower garden. The Crown Fountain is a several stories high

LED video wall with videos of smiling people which spit water onto all the

children (and hot tourists – dignity be blowed!) underneath. This is much

prettier and more fun than it sounds. The Lurie garden has lots of wildflowers

and nice plants, and a sort of artificial stream where no one minds you paddling

either. It is a lovely, peaceful place for a bit of a sit down.

When I was there on a Saturday, loads of people were getting married and having

their pictures taken.

The Millennium park also hosts various festivals, music events, free festivals,

and other art exhibitions (see giant dinosaur pictures below!). It is a

wonderful piece of public space which is relaxing and relaxed, and I wish there

was a place like this back home.
acgemt acgemt
17 reviews
Millennium Park Sep 12, 2010
I went to Millennium Park with a friend of mine last week on out trip to Chicago. It's a great place to relax, see some sites, and take a break from the city. A must-do for anyone visiting Chicago!
The Bean!!
larskroese larskroe…
3 reviews
Fantastic site in the city Jun 02, 2009
The Millennium Park in Chicago is a really fantastic place to take a break after some hours of intensive sightseeing or shopping in Chicago.

The park has everything, great architecture, nice vegetation, lawns to lay down in the sun and much more.

What makes the park stand out in comparison to other parks in Chicago and parks in other cities around the world, are the pieces of modern art situated in the park.

Examples of this modern art are The Cloud Gate Sculpture, a shiny sort of bean shaped image, The Crown fountain, a beautiful waterwall with pictures projected on it, The BP bridge, a curved path over Columbus drive. These are only a few of the many artistic works in the park.

I would really recommend that if you are in Chicago you visit this wonderfull park in the middle of the city. It is really nice to eat your lunch or rest after a day of fierce slandering.
The Crown Fountain
The Cloud Gate Sculpture
Millennium Park
Cloud Gate
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zillahdeGroot zillahde…
11 reviews
Fun in the park May 08, 2009
Millennium park is a place to relax, take a stroll, watch people and admire 'The bean'.

The park is just next to the Loop(downtown Chicago)and is a fun place. An artist made a giant 'bean', which reflects it's surroundings. Cloud gate is the official name. It's very beautiful and fun to walk around. There is also a fountain with pictures(you have to go see for yourself) and a big stage and lawn.

Have fun!
'The Bean'
Millennium park, fountain
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