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Scotland, United Kingdom

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Midges Jun 28, 2008
Midges are small, biting insects that live in Scotland. They are especially fond of the West Coast, and like to live near water. This includes flowing water, unlike Mosquitos.

Midges are not, to the best of my knowledge, carriers of any horrible diseases. But they are very gregarious; they hang about in large clouds and bite you en mass. After a friend's wedding, I counted 56 bites then gave up. They seem to like some people more than others, adn the bites are very itchy.

Midge bites can be prevented by using repellant, to a degree, but they don't seem to mind it as much as mosquitos do. You can buy special clothes if you are planning to be in their favourite territories in the Highlands. They officially come out towards dusk, although you can meet them all day. The best treatment is antihistamine tablets, coulped with some sort of cream (you aren't meant to use antihistamine cream and tablets at teh same time; I guess the official advice is to use calamine or some sort of ammonia stick).
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