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The Middle East is a land whose cultures date back as far as our histories have been recorded as humanity. Civilization started in these lands, and the three largest religions on the planet have all spawned within the area that has become known for its political strife, its religious dissent, and the constant warfare over boundaries that exist only as lines on a map. Judaism, Christianity and Islam can all trace their roots back to the same area of the globe, as can modern civilization.

Hot and arid, the Middle East is a historical goldmine of opportunities, but the underlying history has largely been forgotten over the years as the presence of crude oil has led the area to become one of the most fought-over sections of land on our entire planet.

The birthplace of civilization, the Middle East was also the birthplace of technology. The ancient Greeks and Romans have long been lauded as having some of the most ingenious minds of our past two millennia, but the fact remains that their ideas had long before been discovered by even older scholars and inventors, all of whom called the Middle East home.

A melting pot of diversity, the people within the Middle East can trace their ancestry back to almost every major conqueror in the history of the planet, and the historical landmarks which exist are taken from several different cultures over the history of the years. From the temples of Jerusalem to the spires of Istanbul, the Middle East is a place of diversity, sand, and heat.

The modern traveler should be cautious when traveling the Middle East, as the recent war efforts have left many of the countries with a lingering bad taste in their mouths regarding most Westerners. Always be sure to check with the embassy before you embark upon a trek to ensure that the country you are visiting is safe or not, and always travel in groups.

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Israel #2 most popular location
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Jordan #3 most popular location
One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of the country Jordan is the ancient Nabatean city of Petra. The fabled “city of rose, half as old as time itself”, has long b…
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Iran #4 most popular location
One of the oldest countries in the world, Iran has been populated by humans since prehistoric times. Some of the greatest civilizations in the history of the planet have evolved in and around…
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Iraq #5 most popular location
As anyone who has watched the news lately will know, Iraq is currently not a place that is safe for tourists. Road side bombs, local militias, military operations, and insurgents all contrib…
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Lebanon #6 most popular location
Ranked by the New York Times as the number one tourist destination for 2009, Lebanon is considered one of the most captivating Middle East countries in the region. From the rich scenery along…
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Qatar #7 most popular location
A small country located on a peninsula sticking out into the Persian Gulf just north of Saudi Arabia, Qatar is a Middle Eastern nation which has only recently been transforming itself into a …
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Syria #8 most popular location
You'd be hard-pressed to find anything positive about Syria being written in the States. With a hefty association with some less than welcoming nations, you could be forgiven, in fact, for di…
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Bahrain #9 most popular location
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Oman #10 most popular location
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Saudi Arabia #11 most popular location
Quite possibly the last kingdom in the face of the planet, Saudi Arabia is the culmination of everything Middle Eastern that the rest of the world has come to expect over the years: oil, Isla…
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Kuwait #12 most popular location
An oasis of modernity smack-dab in the middle of one of the most contested regions of the world lies Kuwait. A cradle of civilization against the backdrop of sand and oil fields, Kuwait is a …
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Yemen #13 most popular location
Known since pre-biblical times as ‘the land of milk and honey’, Yemen’s more literal modern branding might be ‘the land of figs and peaches’. It’s a relatively undiscovered corner…
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