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Miami, Florida

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Pamela93 Pamela93
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Miami :) 16.07.2017-26.07.2017 Aug 13, 2017
My first trip to the USA :)

The flight time was about 10 hours (from VIenna).

Taxis are the best way to get to the hotels and the city :)

We stayed in a very nice hotel right beside the sea :D

We also went on a city tour, where you could visit all the sights of Miami,for example the port, little Havana (here you can taste delicious Cuban coffee :D), the downtown, Ocean Drive and much more. :) The guides were very friendly, funny and smart :D

At Miami Zoo you could also see animals from all over the world :)

We also went to the Everglades. There we did an interesting boat trip :) With good luck you can see an alligator ^^

It was a very nice and recommendable trip! :)
Atlantic coast :D
View from the room :)
View from the room :)
View from the room :)
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harrellt harrellt
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More to Miami than South Beach May 01, 2011
Hey Guys,

Ive never written a review before so hopefully this helps out a little bit.

Miami is great if you wanna go down and have a great time by yourself or with some friends. However, if your able to, I encourage you to go see some other spots of Miami or South Florida that get overlooked when people come down

Coconut Grove and the Hard Rock in Hollywood are two places that come to mind. Coconut Grove is a great little place with clubs, bars, and the Improv located all within walking distance. The same goes for the Hard Rock, but the Hard Rock has a casino on site.

Another place forgot about is Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale. Same thing goes there but the bars and people are a little friendlier than on South Beach. Everything in the area is walking distance and most of the time similar to Coconut Grove and the Hard Rock, parking is free which can get a little pricey if your on South Beach

South Beach is always a great time but can get spendy when you don't really have a lot of cash. Sometimes the better place is right down the road. Hope this helps out people
red_giraffe red_gira…
1 reviews
Miami May 09, 2008
Disclosure Note, Miami is not for everyone. If you are an eco tourist or enjoy cultural expeditions this is not your town. On the other hand if you like the night life and going to the beach and shopping during the day this is your town.

If you have the money get yourself a nice beachfront hotel in SoBe (South Beach)Now our beaches arent the Bahamas or Thailand but when it comes to America they kick ass. There so much food to eat here you won't know what restaurants to choose.

If you're a shopper the best malls are Aventura(every fucking store you can think of) Dadeland and anything on SoBe.

The nightlife is crazy. If you have money to spend. The bars on SoBe are trendy but mad expensive. Brickell also has some nice venue. The club to be for all you House/Trance lovers is Space! YOu can party till the morning there. Best club in Miami and its in Downtown. Nothing else comes close.

The people are so so. Its a diverse place but you don't come to Miami to see that. We have all kinds of Latin Americans, Carribeans, and Europeans(on the beach)

So if those are the kinda of things you like, Miami is your place.
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Imwideawake Imwideaw…
1 reviews
Miami May 09, 2008
This city is such a tease. For the very few on this planet if your rich, young, and single this city is for you. This city is consistently rated as the rudest city in the United States, everywhere you go people are not friendly and disrespectful. It so bad that the city is trying to brain wash its own citizens into being nice. Seeing billboards on the side of the road telling people to be patient and nice. People are very uneducated and "Thug life" is a major lifestyle for many in this city. The downtown area in the past years has developed a bit, but if you want to go to the nightclubs and art district at night good luck. The area around it is very poor and can be very dangerous. Which is a shame since you want to enjoy it since there's a lot to see. Public transportation is awful. Your going to have to rent a car to get around, and your going to have to deal with awful traffic. Something that should take five minutes in a car will take you an hour during rush hour.

However, there are a lot of good restaurants and malls to go to for shopping. In that sense this city wont fail if you want to shop and eat. During the months between October- May the weather is very nice with a lot of warm clear days. However, between June-September the weather is so hot and humid you step out side you start sweating.
boriana84 boriana84
10 reviews
Aug 11, 2007
It all depends on what kind of things you are into. If you are more of a laid back, quiet, and nature type people, there are many exciting things to do in the everglades. Air boat rides, exploration, snorkeling, scuba, day trips with boats...etc. You also have some great beaches that are not as packed and much nicer than the one in South its not packed with so many people...or at least not those type of people. The Hallandale/Ft. Lauderdale coastline is also a great place for you to spend the day, just 40 minutes away and really nice.

Now....if you are more of ougoing, party type of people that want to experience the South Beach lifestyle, here are the spots to hit: Nikki Beach is really great, Touch is awesome. For dinner you have to stop by Social Miami, either Friday or Saturday. Its full of life, music, and the best people watching you will do in your time in South Beach. From celebraties to just wild South Beach crowd. And you dont have to join in if you dont want to as theres the lounge area as well as the restaurant area. Hotel wise....if you want to be in a party hotel...The Sagamore....quite pricy...actually, very pricy...but you will not find size and just pure luxury as these, and you have the party downstairs.

Off the beach the Grove is great, dont bother with the Design District, defenately spend the day in Key Biscayne, and if you really are the laid back chill kind of people that like new experiences, find awesome hidden bar that has some of the wildest characters, fresh caught fish, and awesome atmosphere. If you arent interested in that...there are many obvious places along the way...and they are all great. The Key Biscayne beaches arent that great, so you can spend some time just going out there and walking around as the nature is spectacular, and then dining out. Defenately, if weather permits, grab one of those Ultralight Planes...they are at the end of the BIG bridge on the'll know what Im talking about when you see it. Awesome experience, not too cheap, but memorable...I go at least 2-3 times a year...just to look around.

DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE SEAQUARIUM! It is badly kept, cheezy, and you leave more depressed than anything because all the animals are in tiny enclosures and you wont see anything exciting or new....go to the Seaquarium back home....its the same animals...and maybe even more.

If I think of anything else I'll be sure to let you know :-)

OHHHH!!! Also, depending on how long you will be take the time, one full day (I do this at least once a month) rent a car and drive down to the Keys, maybe even get to Key West, walk around, and return at sunset...its not soooooo far, just keep an eye out as the night driving there is kind of scary. If you do go...leave around 4-5'll be in perfect position in the middle of the ocean to see the sunrise! Absolutely spectacular!
bekibeeb bekibeeb
1 reviews
Aug 09, 2007
The beach is always a must. Even if you don't lay out, you have to at least GO to the beach. There are a few nice ones...South Beach obviously- it has good shopping, places to eat, and a huge beach. It may be busy on the weekend, but it is worth it.

Biscayne Bay is also nice- there's a national park that's pretty big. There are a couple beaches that aren't quite as nice as south Beach, but they have more of a family atmosphere.

Vizcaya is close to Biscayne bay and it's supposed to be Beautiful. I've never been to it, but sometimes they have fairs and other things going on that sound cool- my sister in law LOVES this place.

Coral Gables is a small town that's Beautiful. They have quaint, restaurants, boutiques and coffees shops that would be nice for a dinner one night. Be warned, it can get a little expensive.

Coconut Grove doesn't really come to life until about 8pm. There are restaurants, shopping and bars. If you go to the right part of it, later in the night it can get crazy, but otherwise it has a neat atmosphere, with lots of little outside stalls to look at.

These ae just a few things in my City. It's a cool place- you'll like it!
AlarickT says:
Bekibeeb basically stole my thunder. Those 4 places she just described are where it's at...
Posted on: Aug 10, 2007
jmaxiv jmaxiv
4 reviews
Aug 10, 2007
Why "not too crazy"??? I don't understand. Maybe you should get crazy with ur wife. Anyway, I recommend 'Amazing Sundays (afternoon) at Nikki Beach Club then 'Touch' on Lincoln rd for dinner. You can invite your wife to the swing (you'll see what I mean). Late night go to Amika, Mansion, Opium, or Prive and dance your mind out. Ciao mate and have fun!

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