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Mettlach Overview

Somewhere between Saarbrücken and Trier, close to the border with France in Luxemburg you will find the small town of Mettlach. This is one of the most remotest corners in Germany and if you make it to Mettlach, congratulations - not many people get to this place. It is an old town which grew around a former medieval abbey with a handful of sights and nature. Today, it is known as the headquarters of Villeroy & Boch which took over the former Benedictine Abbey.

Mettlach can be done as a day trip from either Saarbrücken or Trier. Much of the city sights is related to the former abbey or Villeroy & Boch, e.g. the "Abbey Park" or the ruins of an abbey tower. In the city, the Neogothic Lutwinus Church is worth a mention. There are hiking paths leading out of Mettlach and there are sights in the middle of the woods which are less than 3 kms away by foot. This includes the landscape of the river Saar (including the famous "Saarschleife" - "Saar loop") and the ruin of Castle Monclair.

Count Lutwinus (later saint) founded an abbey in 676. It remained an clerical town until the abbey was dissolved in 1801. Businessmen Jean-François Boch and Nicolas Villeroy took over the buildings and founded what would become a world-famous manufacturer of ceramics. Today, Mettlach relies a lot on Villeroy and Boch. The town has around 12 000 inhabitants.

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