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Ein Gedi, Israel
Mesada - The side of the fort on the top of the mountain
Mesada - The side of the fort on the top of the mountain
Mesada - The north tower of the fort
Mesada - The stones with the names of the last 10 men who were selected to kill the rest of the people
Mesada - The inside of the fort on top of the mountain
Mesada - A huge water hole digged inside the mountain

Mesada Ein Gedi Reviews

travelfanatic1234567 travelfa…
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Wow! Jul 09, 2011
Masada is the place anyone visiting Israel must go to! Make sure to go right before the sunrises. The climb up can be really rough if you have medical problems but if you can it's really worth it. The view is amazing and it can also be very romantic :) it gets really hot so make sure you take something cool to wear under your sweater. Have fun!
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ophirh ophirh
23 reviews
Aug 26, 2006
Mesada is the name of a fort located on a small mountain next to the dead sea. The actual height of the mountain is only 200 meters, but because it's next to the dead sea, it appears like almost 500 meters high.The mountain itself is around 16km south of En Gedi (where we spent the night and floated on the sea) and just north of Sedom mountain.

Mesada is a part of the Unesco World Heritage list since 2001, due to its important role in the history of Israel and humankind as it symbolizes the eternal human fight between slavery and subdued to freedom.

The story is an amazing story - Israel was occupied by the romans around the year 0 (the era of Jesus). In the year 66 AC there was a big rebellion in Israel against the Romans, and Mesada which was a Roman Fort was captured by a group of militant jews. In 70 AC Jerusalem was destroyed and the last of the jews fled to Mesada which became the last free area in Israel. Mesada represented to all the occupied jews in Israel the last stand for freedom.

The romans started a siege on Mesada. The number of people inside the fort were around 2000 people, including elder, children and women. Around the fort the Romans put a task force of 8000 soldiers who tried to break the walls and occupy the fort. The siege started around 73 AC and lasted a few months. In the end the Romans built a tower to help them break the walls of the fort and storm the fort. When the jews realised they are doomed (there were only 960 people left in the fort at that time), they decided to commit mass suicide and die as free people than to be conqured and die as slaves.

The story of that night is an amazing story. They wrote down the names of all the men on stones and then picked up 10 stones. Each men went and kill his family, then lay on the ground with their bodies hugged in his hand and wait for the selected men to come and kill him. After the 10 finished killing all the rest of the people, they did a loterry between themselves and picked up one person who killed the last 9 and then commited suicide. In that way all 960 people died in that night. Died free. When the Romans broke into the fort the next day they found all the bodies spread around the place, and they adored the bravery and willingness of the dead people to fight and die free.

The story of what happend was documented by a famous writer from that time that found 2 women and 5 kids who were hiding in the wells on the mountain and escaped the mass suicide.

Up until today the name Mesada in Israel symbols the fight for freedom and the willingness to never let down and never be occupied again by another country and live under other regime.

The place itself is a beautiful one, a desert mountain, with amazing archeological digs on top of it, including ancient synagoges, storage rooms, fort walls, mosaics on the walls and floor and more.

You can climb the mountain by walk, it takes something like 45 minutes through a trail called "the snake trail", but this is really not recommended in the middle of the day in the summer. The 2nd option is to use the cable car which takes only 3 minutes.

On the mountain itself it takes around 1 hour to troll around, see all the areas. It's very organized with support for many languages.

The side of the fort on the top of…
The north tower of the fort
The stones with the names of the l…
The inside of the fort on top of t…
RBnCoffee says:
It's definitely a place worth visiting! I really enjoyed my time here and hearing the stories. Our guide's father had helped excavate the area which gave an additional touch to what we heard about there.
Posted on: Jun 13, 2012
hannajax says:
thank you for this touching review and reflection...
Posted on: Dec 31, 2006
ophirh says:
Thanks, and I think it is a great historical place with an amazing story about fighting for freedom.
Posted on: Sep 03, 2006
claud265 claud265
12 reviews
Sep 01, 2002
Israel's second most popular tourist site after the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.

A mountain top fortress which King Herod transformed in 35 BC into a three tiered winter home, boasts two luxurious palaces, bathhouses, storage rooms and impressive water cisterns. An eternal symbol of Jewish history and heritage, it is the site of heroic defiance by a few Jewish zealots who took their own lives rather than surrender to the might of the Roman empire. Masada offers fabulous views of the Dead Sea and Judean Desert. Easily accessible via a quick cable car ride or by hiking up the serpentine path.
canonball26 says:
I remember that view.. spectacular.
Posted on: Jan 24, 2008

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