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People in Memphis are crazy drivers Jul 10, 2008
Here are some general thoughts about driving in Memphis. The people who live in Memphis come from a wide variety of backgrounds and thus there are many styles of driving in Memphis. Some people in this town can be downright reckless when it comes to vehicular control and common courtesy. I figured I'd let you in on a few things to look out for.

A Memphis right, this traffic maneuver is performed when you are driving in the far left lane and cut across all lanes of traffic to exit or turn right immediately, no signal is required for this stunt and amazingly no matter how many times I've seen it done I've never seen a wreck from it. I've seen it done going left but it's not near as common. Your best bet if you see someone attempt this is to get out of the way.

If it's rainy make sure you can tell what everyone around you is doing. Around here if there's even a lite drizzle people tend to loose all control of there steering wheel. Drivers in Memphis tend to be oblivious to the weather. If it sleets or snows be prepared for mass chaos.

Rush Hour lasts from 7:00AM till 9:30AM in the morning and 4:30PM till 6:30PM at night if you plan to get somewhere across town during those hours on a normal weekday give yourself at least 15 min to arrive on time. If there is a wreck you may need as much as a hour and a half, especially if you don't know the back roads. Avoid Germantown, Poplar, Walnut Grove, and Union when possible during rush hour. Summer Ave out bound avoid at night especially from 5:30-6:30.

The Police like to get people for speeding in certain parts of town. if you are driving on Sam Cooper, there is no set time for getting ambushed, stay on guard near Highland when going inbound, and when nearing the 40 240 junction going outbound. On the North loop there are usually unmarked cars between mile marker 2 and 6 watching traffic on both sides, so long as you don't break away from the pack you'll be ok. Recently they have started checking for speeders on the Airways between the interstate and the Airport, just watch that you aren't going too fast. Lastly if you are coming to Memphis from or going to Nashville on I-40 note that there are generally a couple unmarked vehicles within a mile east or west of exit 25.

The last word of advise I will leave you is more FYI. The roads in Memphis though more orderly than some cities I've seen can be a bit confusing. Some of them are a bit windy and they really don't follow a grid pattern at all once you get away from downtown. In and of itself this wouldn't matter much at all. The thing is some roads change name suddenly with no warning some roads change name 2 or three times within a mile for no apparent reason which can lead you to be a bit confused. Thankfully if you know where you are you can never be lost, if you make a wrong turn, just keep driving you'll figure it out sooner or later.

Enjoy your visit to Memphis, if you are driving beware of the less than courteous drivers, the idiots, and the crazy roads.
HuBison says:
Great info-thanks!
Posted on: May 16, 2011
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