Memoirs of a random traveler- Part V-Brasil

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Memoirs of a random traveler- Part V-Brasil Rio de Janeiro Reviews

dlipski dlipski
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Jul 03, 2007
Little more about Rio, especially for those traveling there for the 1st time.

Rio de Janeiro is huge! It's pretty spread out too, not like LA but close to it, there are three main beaches, starting with Copacabana, then Ipanema and Leblon. Copa is pretty commercialized with hotels all over the place, Ipanema is little cleaner and more posh (at least in my opinion), Leblon which I really don't know where it starts and where Ipanema ends (there is a bay thing sort of separating Copa and Ipa but nothing separating Ipa with Leblon) Leblon has great shopping, theatres, restaurants and there aren't too many hotels, it's mostly residential. In my opinion the safest side of town and all the trendy clubs are there. Anyway, on the other side of the beaches there is a huge lake, just gorgeous…and mountains all around the city, amazing. There is also an area called Butafogo, which you might want to stay away from (not as bad as Favela, their slumps, but not pretty) near that is a place/area called Lapa, where on the weekends it turns into a huge street samba carnival. Definitely a must see while in Rio. People dancing on the streets, samba music, on every step there are carts selling alcohol and other things, few clubs, bars, etc. all outside. If you are staying in Copa or Ipanema, it's a long ride, about 25-35 mins by taxi (40-50 R$) we went there on a Saturday for a pre-party funk and had a blast, danced little samba while drinking caipirinha's…good times, good times!

At around 1:30am we decided to go back to Leblon and go to club called "Melt"

Melt is great (40R$ to get in) two stories with a restaurant/lounge/bar on the 1st floor and dance floor and bar on the second. Place is pretty trendy, great crowd. At around 4-5 am EVERYONE is making out. No Joke, looking around you see couples just standing and making out, it's a pretty funny sight.

There is a saying that if you can't get a kiss while in Rio, you must be gayJ Let me tell you, it's true! I was even asked that question once! (My 1st night there)

It happened at Bombar, late night, I was at the bar sort of trying to catch my breath after trying to impress on the dance floor, while everyone was making out like it's a junior high prom, this really pretty girl comes up to me and 1st thing out of her mouth was "Are you gay?" In Portuguese 1st, but then in English. Quickly I replied, why would you think that??? (Little defensively) She said, "Well, you are not making out or even dancing with anyone! Anyway, long story short if you're not hooking up with a girl they'll think you play for the other team, and if you are dancing with a girl but not trying to stick your tongue in her mouth you're gay too! Lol So, when in Rome, do what Romans do!

I am very impressed by Brazilian women by the way; they are so open and approachable yet so classy and sophisticated. The way they use their bodies (hips) while on the dance floor is truly an art. An art, that got lost in translation in the states. They love to have a good time, smile, laugh, dance and if they like you they will show it. They never look the other way when you give them "a look" they'll smile at you, no games. Not to mention their bodies, all in lovely shapes (not your Nicole Riches out there) all very healthy, voluptuous, tall, gorgeous skin tones, hair; they just have lots of sex-appeal! Compared to Argentinean women way more friendly and approachable.

Argentinean women are more stand off-ish, walk around with more heads in the clouds-like, their dressing style is little different, probably more trendy/edgy than Brazilian's and their hairstyles are definitely more edgy (men and women have sort of mullets going on, I know it sounds silly…but it's the updated/cooler version of mullets and let me tell you, they pull it off!)

Brazilian dressing style is more casual, surfer like almost, reminds me of OC/Huntington Beach..where Buenos Aires more of NYC/Soho in terms of dressing styles.

Let's talk about the beaches there. Rio beaches are just insane!! I have never seen so many people on the beach at the same time. All the beaches are huge yet, sometimes you'll have problems finding a spot for your towel!

One thing I noticed was missing from all 3 beaches, very important especially when you have beers all day-RESTROOMS! Yup, there were none!

People there are selling everything! From beers, to sun tan lotions, to towels to shrimp on a stick (never buy those, even when you are starving!! Trust me) While you're there you have to try their version of Iced-Tea called Matte (pronounced machie) and for breakfast or just a snack Icai (Ah-cayee). Acai is their traditional fruit, it's very purple and has lots of caffeine, they add granola and banana to it and it tastes great!! HIGHLY recommend it!

Matte is good, but Argentines take it to the next level (they drink it hot, while Brazilians iced) they drink their matte's everywhere, beach, car, walk around with it. They have those special bowl/challis type thing and silver straw. It is super thick too, very strong; they get high off of it.

Ok, enough for Part 3, in the next one I will talk more about the similarities and differences between two cultures…and other things, so stay tuned!
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sidfresh says:
Great tips, will definitely keep in mind :-)
Posted on: Dec 21, 2007
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