Memoirs of a random traveler- Part I-Argentina

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Memoirs of a random traveler- Part I-Argentina Buenos Aires Reviews

dlipski dlipski
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Jul 03, 2007
It's Sunday, some fine day in January, I'm somewhere over Uruguay on my way to Florianopolis from Buenos Aires as I have couple of hours to reflect on the travels so far I'll randomly write few things down, before I forget.

I guess I'll start with giving American Airlines a review, if this were a movie and I were giving a beer rating, it will definitely be no more than Budweiser! Probably all of us have tried it at one point; I'd be surprised if there are many Bud drinking lovers out there.

Why such poor rating? Well, I get to the airport (LAX) two hours before the flight and the line to check in was HUGE! (Maybe 60-80 people and only 4 stations are open) I tried going to the E-ticket/Self-Check machine but I got kicked out since it was an international flight, so I talk to one of the reps there and told him with so many people in front of me, and my flight leaving in less than two hours now, there is no way I was going to make my flight, guy points at his watch and tells me I need to get to the airport no less than 2 hours before my flight, especially international flight and they don't do exceptions for people who are late! Long story short, he tells me to "try my luck", so an hour into waiting and line barely moving, I talk to him again.."Dude, I need to make my flight, etc etc.."Sorry sir" he responds, next time you should show up earlier!! At this point I am beyond pissed, especially after finding out my JFK-BsAs connection was last one that day!

Anyway, 20 mins later as I was walking towards the counter I already knew I wasn't making my flight (funny enough, it become the theme of the whole trip..I ended up either missing or not going to 5 of the flights I was supposed to be on originally)

But after opening a serious can of whoop ass on the AA person I got on the next flight to Dallas, and had 45 minutes to catch my connecting flight, after all said and done I was in Buenos Aires few hours ahead of my original flight! All and all I saved about 5 hours of travel time or so, which on a long trip proved to be valuable, but just because I got to my destination earlier, it doesn't mean AA does not suck…even their planes are old and there is almost no space between seats, and what's up with this Food for Purchase thing??? You spend 1,000 bucks on a flight and you can't even get a drink for free!!! It's a LONG flight and you can't even get a decent meal??? I mean come on!! I am on Aerolineas Argentinas (1 ½ hour flight) and I am drinking a nice cold beer eating a good looking sandwich (FOR FREE) and I can't get anything on an international flight!! PLEASE! And don't get me started on their movie selection…(They played exactly the same program and movie as my previous flight) so, needless to say good thing I brought some books with me (since I can't fall asleep on the plane)

Anyway..enough about our airlines, they all suck compared to Lufthansa, Quantas, BA, Virgin, Thai, etc…Moving on to the trip:

Day 1, I get to BsAs (Buenos Aires) and weather here is just gorgeous, about 85 with almost no humidity, it's January but for them it's our August. I'm super tired, haven't really slept in two nights (since I went out the night before I left LA) But no time to waist I drop my bags off, shower up and meet up with Pablo and Jim for lunch.

I have an omelet and a cup of coffee…man their coffee is good, very strong but I love it. Omelet on the other hand is funny looking, full of potatoes and cheese inside, nothing else; I was hungry so ate the whole thing. On the way to the way to San Telmo we stop by to check out some great architecture and the parliament, etc. really cool, it reminds me of Paris for their architecture and building style with a hint of Barcelona for the palm trees, Spanish language and night life. BsAS by the way is huge, way bgger than I though and their drivers and just nuts (more on that later on) shortly after we head over to the bazaar at San Telmo (every Sunday and they do this fair/bazaar thing) with people selling things, tango dancers, performers, etc) San Telmo is this old part of town, sort of artsy district, lots of cafes, very old buildings, many painted in cool colors. Highly recommend for anyone visiting, it was my 1st stop since it was walking distance from Avenue 9 de Julio (which is the main avenue there …sort of their version of Broadway in NYC or Wilshire here in LA) everything is located close to this street. After few hours of walking around steaks were next on the agenda. I couldn't wait since argentine steaks are my favorites! Bife de Choriso as it's called there was delicious!! I mean way way better than I expected, and the Melbec to go with it was outstanding! It's pretty cheap too, steak was 18 pesos (3 pesos to a dollar) and bottle of wine was 20 pesos.

Restaurant however was pretty much empty…but that's because they are on a completely different eating/living schedule there. (Even worst than Spain) Things open at 10-11 am then close from 12:30/1 till 4 or 5, and then open again until late; some places were open until 2 am. Breakfast for them is coffee and maybe a small pastry (facturas) nap in the afternoon after lunch (really bad sandwiches for lunch), then more pastries or empanadas (best!) at around 7/8 pm then little nap and get ready for dinner at around midnight until about 2/3 am, then after 3-4 am they start hitting the clubs (which by the way don't even open until 2 am) The longest I've stayed at the club was until 7:30 am, and when walking out there was still a line to get in!! (NO JOKE) people were actually trying to get in to the club at 7:30 am!!! Ok that's it for now; my flight is landing in Florianopolis.
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