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31st street off 8th ave, New York, NY, USA - 1-877-462-6342

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Cheap bus ride from NY to DC, but they bigger the company gets, the worst their service gets. Oct 30, 2011
You could fly to DC from NY for $200-$300, take the train for $150 or get a round-trip ticket for about $40 and be dropped off right in the middle of the city.

The Megabus is a double decker bus that picks up and drops off near Madison Square Garden and drops you off in DC at North Capitol and K street, NW. If you suffer motion sickness, don't sit upstairs. If you need a table, try to grab a seat on the 1st floor.

My initial review reported that the service ran pretty smooth and I that I felt a little safer on this bus as opposed to some other bus companies out there. You can buy your ticket online or via phone. They advertise that you can buy a one-way ticket for a buck, but it is usually if you buy your ticket far in advance and travel mid-week at a specific time.

However, as I take more and more trips and as the add more and more buses and routes, their service gets worst and worst. When it rains, they are going to be late-without a doubt! The drivers are nice, the support staff and organizers are just OK. Both the DC stop and NY stop are a collections of lines in a parking lot; they recently added canopies in the front of the line-this is great when it's raining and you don't have an umbrella, it's cold and the wind is blowing, you are standing outside in the noon sun, but no good when it's hot (it just multiples the heat while you wait FOREVER).

April 2011 Update: The DC location is no longer metro accessible (you could walk from Union Station or Judiciary Square of figure out which bus drops you closest to North Capitol and K streets). They run a shuttle to and from Union Station, but only at limited times. The NY location is no longer near Madison Square Garden and is on 9th ave at 33rd street. They have columns set up so you can stand in the right line and it looks more organized.

Vs Greyhound/PeterPan: Megabus is typically the cheaper option compared to the aforementioned, however, in the winter and when you know it's gonna rain, you might want to opt to pay the few extra bucks and take a risk on sitting next to someone who talks to the themselves. I ALWAYS have a story after I get off the Greyhound; and it is seldom a good one. It seems more sane people take the Megabus. After standing in the rain with a teeny tiny umbrella for 45 minutes (while the Megabus buses were delayed due to traffic/weather), I had momentarily wished I were indoors.

Use this info and make your own decision. If you just wanna get from one place to another and don't care about your time and are patient, this is a highly affordable service.
The line can form quickly.
Loooooooong line-winter, spring, s…
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