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liekevo liekevo
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My meet-ups Jan 02, 2016
This is a list of all TB meet-ups I went to :)

- 2008-jun-28 Efteling meet-up

- 2008-aug-30/31 Leiden meet-up

- 2008-nov-15/16 Apeldoorn meet-up

- 2008-dec-13 Brett's Birthday meet-up, Eindhoven

- 2008-dec-27 Dusseldorf meet-up

- 2008-dec-31 NYE meet-up, Amsterdam

- 2009-jan-16 Vakantiebeurs meet-up, Utrecht

- 2009-feb-14 Valentine meet-up, Leiden

- 2009-mrt-21 Iceclimbing meet-up, The Hague

- 2009-apr-30 Queensday meet-up, Amsterdam

- 2009-may-29/31 Survival meet-up, Ardennes Belgium

- 2009-jun-20 Nijmegen meet-up

- 2009-jul-3/5 Giethoorn meet-up

- 2009-aug-7/10 Friesland meet-up

- 2009-aug-15 Dias Latinos Festival meet-up, Amersfoort

- 2009-sep-11 small Amsterdam meet-up

- 2009-oct-03 Leidens ontzet meet-up

- 2010-jan-15 Vakantiebeurs

- 2010-jan-30 New York City winter meet-up

- 2010-may-30 Parkfeest meet-up

- 2010-aug-21 Dias Latinos, Amersfoort

- 2010-sep-25 Amsterdam

- 2010-oct-01/11 Iceland: The TB adventure (including Blue Lagoon meet-up)

- 2010-nov-20 Nijmegen

- 2010-dec-31 NYE Edinburgh

- 2011-jan-14 Vakantiebeurs

- 2011-apr-30 Queensday meet-up, Amsterdam

- 2011-may-19/23 Yellowstone meet-up

- 2011-aug-20 Dias Latinos Festival meet-up, Amersfoort

- 2011-sep-20 Romania camping road trip

- 2011-dec-31 NYE Berlin

- 2012-jan-13 Vakantiebeurs

- 2013-jan Vakantiebeurs

- 2013-jul-6 London

- 2014-jan-18 Vakantiebeurs

- 2014-dec-31 NYE Lisbon

- 2015-jan Vakantiebeurs

- 2015-

- 2015-dec-31 NYE Las Vegas

Planned meet-ups:

NYE meet-up, Amsterdam
New yearsday dinner, Amsterdam
Vakantiebeurs meet-up, Utrecht
Valentine meet-up, Leiden
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mikelisbon says:
Posted on: Jan 02, 2016
travelman727 says:
What a wonderful collection of meetups :-D It was great meeting you at the September 2010 Amsterdam shindig!
Posted on: Jan 16, 2011
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spocklogic spocklog…
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Spocklogic's TravBuddy Meetups Mar 04, 2015
Since I joined TravBuddy in Feb. 2008, it was certainly a site I liked very much, more so than others I looked at for sharing travels and interacting with others who enjoy the same. Over the years I've enjoyed interacting with many people on the site, and have had the opportunity to meet some of them in person as well. Here is a catalog of this meetups. I also keep a blog of my meetups. See Spocklogic's TravBuddy Meetups -

Chronological listing with date, with who and where:

1) March 30, 2008 - Jerry (Travelsnobb) in the world

2) November 8, 2011 - Andy (Andy99) in Washington, DC

3) September 24, 2012 - Ian (Dr_Seuss) in Glasgow, Scotland

4) November 14, 2013 - Jantima (TravChef), Sharon (CA-Sharon), Tong (sansan) in Beijing, China

5) November 15, 2014 - Darren (Dazman50), Tong (sansan) in Shanghai, China

6) August 15, 2015 - Bill (Zagnut66) in Washington, DC

7) March 2, 2016 - Bernard (Bernard69) in Lyon, France

Some members have listed their meetups (when/where) in a review form with photos under World-tips in Meet-ups, where this review resides. Good idea, so thought I'd share mine here! To do the same:

go to Write a Review : choose General Tips & Advice : type Meet-ups in the query : TravBuddy will find a match : click on Review this

Write a review of your own listing your meetups following the guidance given here. Fun way to share your meetups with the community in a condensed review form.
Keep on Trekin'...
Jerry & Brian (world)
Where I met Andy in Washington, DC…
Tong, Brian. Jantima, Sharon (Beij…
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jenzar jenzar
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My meet-ups May 01, 2011
I moved to Holland and didn't know anyone so I thought why not join to one of the meet-ups. Since then the Dutch have been really active organizing these meet-ups and I almost got an over doze in the first few months when I attended all of them ! But it's been a great way to meet the fellow travelers and get new friends. Now I go whenever I can and it would be nice to attend some abroad as well.

* 30-31 Aug 2008, Leiden. My first one ! And a big one too, around 50 TBs ! Walking around the city, dinner, clubbing and brunch the next day.

* 5 Sep 2008, Utrecht. Mini meet-up with five TBs. Dinner in Marc's hangout place.

* 4 Oct 2008, Amsterdam. New-to-Amsterdam mini-meet. Not so mini, total 18 TBs and most didn't even live in Amsterdam but good to see everybody =)

* 25 Oct 2008, Amsterdam. Not official meet-up but Jenneth's farewell drinks with maybe 10 TBs.

* 14 Nov 2008, Amsterdam. Friday Night Comedy. Kat organized it but was only able to come for a quick visit. Me and four guys went to see improvisation comedy to Boom Chicago and had hilarious time =)

* 13 Dec 2008, Eindhoven. Brett's bday bash. Quite a big one, good times =)

* 30 Dec 2008, Amsterdam. Ket's Idol Karaoke NYE pre-meet-up.

* 31 Dec 2008, Amsterdam. Mega NYE meet-up on a party boat with 74 TBs all over the world !

* 6-7 Feb 2009, Utrecht. Not official meet-up with total 7 TBs. Marc showed how to party in Utrecht and the next day was Amsterdam's turn.

* 21 Mar 2009, Den Haag. Ice climbing, dinner, drinks, clubbing. Some even went snowboarding the next day.

* 30 Apr 2009, Amsterdam. Awesome Q-Day meet-up.

* 6-9 Aug 2009, Friesland. Kite surfing and sailing, a nice weekend getaway. Won't be the last time I tried kiting, and sailing I just love already !

* 30 Apr 2011, Amsterdam. Q-Day meet-up, nice sunny day.

* 14-15 May 2011, Ameland. Kiteweekend. Kiting on the beach, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, kitewing, blokarting.

+ other unofficial ones
Big Leiden meet-up
Mini-meet in Utrecht
Half of the people in the new-to-A…
Friday Night Comedy in A'dam
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wandafromtexas says:
Yes, the Dutch really are active! just met a few more at our NYE in Las Vegas meetup. Fantastic!
Posted on: Jan 02, 2016
wermar says:
leuk zo'n overzicht
Posted on: Jun 03, 2011
travelman727 says:
Yay, Jenny! I look forward to meeting you soon somewhere around our big beautiful world :-D
Posted on: Jul 01, 2010
Globevoyager Globevoy…
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All the great meet-ups I've been too! Jan 15, 2011
Oke, this is my list of meet-ups I've been to since I joined TB and discovered this great way of meeting people from all over the world! I met over a 150 different TB members. Thanks to all for these great meet-ups! Hope to do many more and meet you all around the world :-)

** 21st August 2008: New York City, USA.

** 30th-31st August 2008: Leiden, NL.

** 15th November 2008: Apeldoorn, NL.

** 13th-14th December 2008: Eindhoven, NL.

** New Years Eve 2008-2009: Amsterdam, NL.

** 21st-22nd March 2009: The Hague, NL.

** 30th April 2009: Amsterdam, NL.

** 29th-31st May 2009: Ardennes, Belgium.

** 5th July 2009: Amsterdam, NL.

** 8th-9th August 2009: Friesland, NL.

** 15th August 2009: Amersfoort, NL.

** 12th December 2009: Sydney, Australia.

** 13th August 2010: Sydney, Australia.

** 21st of August 2010: Amersfoort, NL.

** 25th of September 2010: Amsterdam, NL

** 1st-11th of October 2010: Iceland Road Trip.

** 9th-10th of October 2010: Reykjavik, ICE.

** NYE 2010 - 2011: NYE Edinburgh, Scotland

** 14th Jan 2011: Holiday Fair, Utrecht NL.

When is the next meet-up?? :-) ;-)
Amsterdam - NYE
The Hague
dolfijn says:
Funny I have started a blog about my meet ups too, but it is still in progress.
Posted on: Mar 26, 2009
jenzar says:
I should probably start doing a list about meet-ups too that I can keep track of all of them =)
Posted on: Mar 26, 2009
jessica0606 jessica0…
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My TB meetups! Jan 16, 2011
Meetups 2008

* 08/02: my first meetup Friesland, kitesurfing!

* 08/16: mini meetup Amsterdam

* 08/30: Leiden

* 10/04 New to Amsterdam meetup

* 10/25: mini meetup Amsterdam, Jenneth's farewell drinks

* 11/15: Apeldoorn

Meetups 2009

* 01/16: Vakantiebeurs Utrecht

* 02/14: Valentine high tea Leiden

* 03/22: Ice climbing The Hague, i only went on sunday for snowboarding

* 04/30: Queensday Amsterdam

* 07/04: Picnic at Vondelpark, Amsterdam

* 08/07-08/10: extra long Meetup in Friesland, kitesurfing & sailing

* 08/15: Dias Latinos Festival Amersfoort

* 10/03: Leidens ontzet

Meetups 2010

* 01/15: Vakantiebeurs Utrecht

* 04/30: Queensday Amsterdam

* 05/17: Edam & Marken

* 08/21: Dias Latinos Amersfoort

* 09/25: Amsterdam

Meetups 2011

* 01/14: Vakantiebeurs Utrecht
Valentine´s high tea, Leiden
Queensday Amsterdam
Vakantiebeurs Utrecht
Picnic at Vondelpark Amsterdam
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