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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

McDonald's Dubai Reviews

toddster184 toddster…
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Halal Meat 100% Guranteed for your Satisfaction! Nov 22, 2008
My Order:

McTasty (available only outside of North America as it were...if you know it exists somewhere in North America, please let me know as I have never found it in that continent).

Medium Fanta

Medium Fries

Price: 17.50 AED

You can pretty much guess what this is. If the golden arches didn't give you a clue, you need to go out more often. The English sign is actually on the left side but I thought the Arabic sign is much more fun to look at.

I took a personal vow to eat in at least one McDonalds in every country I go to (if they have one), especially if they have McTasty (fave burger outside of North America), and so far I have and Dubai would definitely not be an exeption. The sign on the side wall of the counter intrigued me. I know that culturally they eat halal meats here and sure enough McDonalds is in the halal business here too. The ad says "Halal Meat 100% Guaranteed for your satisfaction". Now, I like halal chicken...somehow it tastes different to me. And just the thought of eating something not stepped on (oh dont go there) to be killed is a little bit more tasty. Well, let me tell you...this McTasty was like a party in my mouth. Man alive! I could taste meat. A taste I thought would never exist in a hamburger. It didn't taste like a recycled cardboard box or meat byproducts delicately disguised in its salty taste. No, this was real meat! From a cow! That another cow would recognize! I don't know if it is the cheese on it was well (totally different type of cheese from the others I've had in the past), but the explosion of flavour overwhelmend me a little. Even the fries were good.

I don't normally rave about food at MickeyD's, I mean, it is insane to rave about fast food, and of all places, McDonalds. But if you ever find yourself in Dubai. Try the McDonalds. It's like nothing you've ever tasted.

BTW, this was at the McDonalds in Festival City. 90% of the staff are flips and I joked "no McSpaghetti?" and they didn't get it. Ah well...must only be a Manila-type joke.
"I'm Lovin' It!"
McTasty and mayo for my fries of c…
toddster184 says:
I think I was just surprised that the food actually had flavour and it wasn't boring. Good change overall, dont you agree...espcially for McDonald's. lol
Posted on: Nov 22, 2008
gejah says:
Perhaps you had cheese from a sheep. That really tastes funny.
Posted on: Nov 22, 2008
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