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Mazar-i-Sharif Overview

Mazar-i-Sharif means the holy grave. Legend has it that Ali's body was taken from what is today Iraq, through the Persian Empire to its current location, the tomb of Ali which sits at the central square of Mazar. Locals call the shrine the "Rawza" and hundreds of thousands of people go on pilgrimage to this location every year.

For locals, the most popular time to come to Mazar is for the Afghan New Year celebrations, which are on March 21 every year. On that day, people throng to the square in a festive mood, kites fly in competition with each other, and the famous Afghan game of buzkashi is played in the nearby fields.

Security continues to be a consideration when planning a trip to Mazar, but with the proper procedures in place, and current security updates, it is possible to visit the cultural capital of northern Afghanistan. To visit Mazar, or other locations in Afghanistan, you can contact Great Game Travel at