Mayan Ruins at Tikal

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Tikal, Guatemala
Mayan Ruins at Tikal - New stairs, old stairs
Mayan Ruins at Tikal - Making the Climb!
Mayan Ruins at Tikal - one of the temples in Tikal, this isn't even the highest one!!

Mayan Ruins at Tikal Reviews

galhiki galhiki
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mayan ruins tikal May 21, 2011
hey there... this is for everyone! even those of you who think they have already seen many Mayan ruins! this is one of the most beautiful sights, in the middle of the jungle is a big Mayan city there are so many pyramids there that they are still trying to uncover them all... and when you clime them you can see the endless jungle all around you!
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Alove4God Alove4God
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Affordable history tour in Guatemala May 06, 2009
Tikal is not your typical national park! This attraction is an amazing experience everyone if they travel to Guatemala. Although it is very tiring its still enjoyable. Basically Tikal is a place where many scientists have gone and uncovered a plethora of ancient ruins including enormous temples scrifical stones, and homes used and made by the ancient Guatemalans one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centers of the Pre-Columbian Maya civilization. Yes, there is a lot of walking but consider it a work-out day! you wont realize how much muscle you've used or calories you have burned until the next day. =] THINGS YOU'LL NEED

*Good walking shoes (you will be walking and climbing all day)

*Water (they do sell it as well)

*Mosquito repellent (considering the time of year you go)

*Camera!! take lots of pictures your friends wont believe the height of these man made buildings!
one of the temples in Tikal, this …
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nadinelaura nadinela…
2 reviews
Worth the Trek! Oct 17, 2009
This site has everything!

The Ruins themselves are spread across a fair distance, so take a decent pair of hiking boots and plenty of water. But they are well worth the trek. Jaguar Temple and the Main Plaza are magnificent examples of Maya Architecture and for those not afraid of heights climb the tallest temple there - its tought, and abit peaky, but the veiw is incredible :-)

Throughout the trail we saw and heard the Howler Monkeys, red tarantulas, hummingbirds and all sorts of fabulous birds! So its a good one for biologists/ecologists - the forest is just teaming with wildlife - flora and fauna :-)
Making the Climb!
Higton Higton
36 reviews
Apr 12, 2007
I really don't know where to start, this place is fabulous. Yes, it can be hot (41 degrees celcius in the shade when I was there) so take lots of water. I had 2.5 litres, which wasn't enough to avoid heatstroke (another story).

Anyhoo, Tikal. You've probably seen it already if you have watched Star Wars Episode IV. The bit at the end when the Death Star is coming to attack the rebel base and a bloke pans the jungley horizon with some space binoculars was filmed at Tikal. You can even stand where they filmed it from (although I was convinced it was actually another spot). As per Copan, it dwarves anything in England in terms of size and scale and this is the key difference between here and the Honduran ruins - size. There are very few carvings at Tikal, but the height of the temples is astounding. For perspective, the temples in nearby Belize are still the highest man made structures in the country. I've added some photos which might give you an idea.

The entrance fee is really cheap for what it is (US$7) and getting a guide is useful so you can get all the historical context. For example, there is a blank period in some of the writings on buildings of 100 years or so. This is apparently the period when Tikal was conquered. After being liberated, the new king went around and erased all evidence of Tikal ever being in enemy hands. History written by the victors indeed.

Yes, it is busy. Get there early for some individual time although the guide suggested that the sunrise tour is rarely worth it - most of the time, the jungle is covered in low cloud in the morning.

Utterly fab.
New stairs, old stairs
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