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Hpa-an Hotels44.4 km
Kyaiktiyo Hotels101.6 km
Mae Sot Hotels103.4 km
Kinpun Hotels116.7 km

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#1 of 4 hotels in Mawlamyine
gingerbatik says: "The hotel located within walking distance to the market and bus station with big..."
#2 of 4 hotels in Mawlamyine
tj1777 says: "We hadnt actually booked a hotel when we left Yangon - but just assumed it wo..."
#3 of 4 hotels in Mawlamyine
Vlindeke says: "We spent two nights in this hotel, situated on the banks of the ThanLwin river. ..."
#4 of 4 hotels in Mawlamyine
ulis says: "The Breeze Guesthouse is about the cheapest accomodation in Mawlamyine, rooms ar..."
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