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Markus81 Markus81
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Mauritius in one Week Jun 22, 2008
Hi there,

I was 7 days on Mauritius and the vacation was about 9 days (1 day flight to Mauritius and 1 day back). The flight took me 12 hours....

Mauritius lies right next to Réunion and Madagaskar.

Is about 60 by 40 km I guess and they pay in Rupie and Cents.

When I was there, a friend from the Internet and his family took me in their house. That was the best thing, that could happen to me.

Although this year (2008) was a very rainy winter, we could do a lot of nice things.

My friend drove me and some others (cuple from Slovenia) around the island. He showed us the best spots and also spots that tourists wont see at all.

He showed us:

- the colored earth (23 colors in the earth and a waterfall)

(there is also Chamarel with 7 colors...lots of tourists...)

- the holy lake with the Hindu Temple (Grand Bassin)

- horse race in Port Louis

- watching dolphines at Tamarin

- catching calamare at nightfishing (very cool)

- we eat suggar cane

- he guided us to hidden waterfalls

- he guided us to a local market

- we eat where Mauritius people eat, not Tourists Spots

(example: 4 Meals and 8 drinks for 8EUROS!!!)

- we've been to the "Casino de Maurice" at "Cruepipe"

- we've been to the little Island in the East "Ile aux Cerf" (Should be the nicest beach of Mauritius and I think that's true)

- Beach "Belle Mare" (2nd Best)

- the Beach "Blue Bay" (3rd)

- The Halfisland "Le Morne" from the sea coming

- The Beach "Flic en Flac" (only nice in Summer)

A lot of things like the fishing, we did with locals, so we got to know the "inside story" of Mauritius.

By the way: The list above is also a "things to do list" for Mauritius.

What is not so interessting?

Port Louis itself, Grand Baie (only tourists), the pamplemousses garden, Casela Bird Park.

What should be interessting that I didn't see?

My friend proposed the "L'Aventure du Sucre". This is a Suggar Cane fabric which is refunctioned into a museum where you can see how suggar is produced. Very technical, so stuff for boys ;-)

If you would want to do all those things on your own, than you're screwed or you have to have at least 2-3 weeks of time!!! The Taxi's, especially for tourists (and they will identify you as that) are way to expensive. They will drive you around for 80-100€ a day. Way to much.

The Bus transfer is very cheap. 32 Rupies (0,90€) at the most for one trip, but they are very slow. They stop on every corner, for everybody and anything. I've tried this also. A route that took me 40 Minutes by car, took me 2 hours by bus... So you need a lot more time.

And the buses don't drive every 20 Minutes from every Spot. I think this is normal, so you have to shedule at your best. Sometimes I had the feeling that buses didn't come at all...

It was very nice to have somebody around who knows whats good or not, whats to expensive, whats senseless, whats a tourist trap aso.

My friend is selfemployed and when he showes you around, he will do it for very less money. He also provides his car. He can also help you out by finding a nice and cheap spot to stay or pick you up at the airport. When you meet him you think he almost knows everybody on the Island.... :-)

That way Mauritius was "very cheap", that's why I've posted for cheap.

The only expensive thing was the flight. But I've booked in advance and booked a special cheap offer from "Condor". I just payed 400€ back and forth.

If you want the contact of the friend, I can set it up.

Hope you like my review. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

You will finde some pictures attached.

Take care.

view out of the window of my room
at "Belle Mare"
at "Belle Mare"
playing football with littel kids
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