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Matagalpa is located in northwest central Nicaragua. It is the capital city of the departamento of Matagalpa. It is a larger city and is an important point of commerce within the country. Verdant mountains surround the valley containing Matagalpa and coffee farms and rainforests are easily accessible.

Due to its location, Matagalpa enjoys fairly moderate temperatures (60's-70's farenheit) during the day, dipping a bit lower at night. Humidity is manageable (75-85%). It is decidedly 'spring like' year round.

The discovery of gold helped shape the later settlement of Matagalpa. This area attracted many European, predominately German, immigrants. Coffee plants were also planted during this period and have become one of Matagalpa's most important commodities for export.

In recent years, an influx of settlers from Nicaragua's countryside has strained the city's infrastructure. Better city planning and upgrades need to be made. The highway is already seeing upgrades and the road into Matagalpa is well engineered.

Matagalpa is one of the most beautifull places t visit in nicaragua. That is my home town. If you ever get to go there go to my granpas "venta". its at "shell el progreso 1 cuadra al sur 1/2 al oeste. Tell him Jakzel sent you. I used to go to school there when i was 15. You can also visit SELVA NEGRA. its about 15 minutes north of there heading to jinotega..enjoy

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