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Perhaps one of the most historic states in the nation, Massachusetts boasts a wide variety of sights and sounds that make up its reputation. From Boston to Cambridge, home of Harvard University, to the historic town of Plymouth where the Pilgrims first landed on North American soil when they fled England. Then there are the infamous Salem witch trials which occurred in Salem, to places like Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Massachusetts Bay. The state is jam-packed full of things to do for all levels of travelers, at all times of the year. From historical value to the natural beauty of the coastlines and interior, Massachusetts is probably one of the best travel destinations in the entire U.S.

The history of Massachusetts dates back hundreds of years to the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony back in 1620. Since then, Massachusetts has been a state of great importance, both in terms of the history that shaped the nation with events such as the Boston Massacre which set off the American Revolutionary War, and for academic excellence with the first American university ever founded, Harvard. Visitors can hike the Freedom Trail in Boston and see more than twenty historical sites of the state, or they can visit MIT at Cambridge.

The Massachusetts coastline is renowned worldwide for offering some of the best whale-watching on the planet, but there are also several famous bike trails that take you along the coast, such as the Claire Saltonstall bikeway, which goes from Boston to Cape Cod, or the Minuteman Bikeway which goes from Cambridge to Bedford. As a New England state, the food is decidedly sea-oriented, but southern Massachusetts is also known for its cranberry crops, which at one point in time where the world's largest. From the rolling hills in the western portions of the state, to the beautiful coastline on the eastern edge, and the three defining bays which gives Massachusetts its nickname “The Bay State”, there is plenty to see and do in the state, year-round.

Boston #1 most popular location
Having found itself at the heart of a number of cultural revolutions over the years, and a centre of anything from religious freedom to philosophy, Boston is nevertheless an averaged sized an…
2,428travelers 228reviews 119blogs
Cambridge #2 most popular location
Cambridge, MA, is home to Harvard and MIT universities, and a really good branch of Newbury comics. There are some shops, some really good live music venues, and some restaurants. Once an…
122travelers 15reviews 6blogs
Provincetown #3 most popular location
8travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Salem #4 most popular location
Salem, MA is usually associated accosicated for it's tourism and cultural aspects typically associated with the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. This aspect of the city is embraced highly. So …
66travelers 30reviews 10blogs
Lenox #5 most popular location
Lenox is a quaint little New England town situated between NYC and Boston, and only about an hour from the Albany airport. Its most famous feature is Tanglewood, which is the summer home of t…
6travelers 7reviews 1blogs
Hyannis #6 most popular location
Hyannis is a town of about 13,500 (down 14% since 2000) located just south of US Highway 6 in Barnstable County in Southeast Massachusetts. Hyannis is probably the most important town on Cape…
4travelers 3reviews 1blogs
Plymouth #7 most popular location
What a great day trip for the family!! Especially during the Fall, Plymouth is the ideal destination. With the nearby annual "King Richard's Faire", one can travel back in time to medieval …
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Falmouth #8 most popular location
5travelers 1reviews
Nantucket #9 most popular location
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Williamstown #10 most popular location
4travelers 3reviews
Gloucester #11 most popular location
Gloucester is a city located on Cape Ann in Essex County, Massachusetts, roughly 40miles northeast of Boston. Gloucester was founded in 1623 by the "Dorchester Company" - an exhibition charte…
15travelers 6reviews 2blogs
Seekonk #12 most popular location
1travelers 4reviews
Oak Bluffs #13 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Waltham #14 most popular location
Waltham, MA is a suburb of Boston approximately 30 minutes away by car or commuter rail. The city is home to two universities, Bentley and Brandeis but is not your typical college town as th…
25travelers 2reviews
Somerville #15 most popular location
Somerville, Massachusetts is located 3-4km Northeast of Boston city proper. The biggest shopping venue of the county, Assembly Row, is located at 340 Canal St, Somerville, MA.
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Danvers #16 most popular location
5travelers 3reviews
Sturbridge #17 most popular location
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Lee #18 most popular location
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Woburn #19 most popular location
Woburn is a Massachusetts city located along the I-95 corridor and is located just 10 miles north of the city of Boston. The town got bad press back in the 1970's for ground water contami…
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Concord #20 most popular location
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Springfield #21 most popular location
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Pittsfield #22 most popular location
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Milford #23 most popular location
5travelers 4reviews
Worcester #24 most popular location
Worcester looks a little rough around the edges, but if you dig a little deeper you are sure to find hidden gems. Its wealth of universities, proximity to Boston, and ethnic diversity virtua…
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Barnstable #25 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Tewksbury #26 most popular location
Tewksbury is a town located in Middlesex County About 25 miles north of the city of Boston. Two Major Interstate's run through the town (I-93) and (I-495). Tewksbury is also part of the Gre…
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Foxborough #27 most popular location
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Framingham #28 most popular location
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North Adams #29 most popular location
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Lexington #30 most popular location
Lexington is a town with a rich history. It is where the American Revolutionary war began with "the shot heard round the world" on April 19, 1775. A portion of Minuteman National Park is …
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Braintree #31 most popular location
A municipality south of Boston, Braintree is favored by commuters into the city because of easy transport links by rail, subway or the highway. Traffic can be an issue on I-93 at the infamou…
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Northampton #32 most popular location
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Burlington #33 most popular location
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Quincy #34 most popular location
24travelers 3reviews
Newton #35 most popular location
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Revere #36 most popular location
Revere, MA is a suburb of Boston, located 10 miles northeast of the capital city. It has a population of about 48,000 people. Its history as a town goes back to the 17th century, and the town…
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Sandwich #37 most popular location
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Fall River #38 most popular location
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Vineyard Haven #39 most popular location
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Newburyport #40 most popular location
Newburyport, MA is a small city of about 18000 people located at the mouth of the Merrimack river - about 40 miles north of Boston. Historically, Newburyport was primarily a shipbuilding c…
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Stockbridge #41 most popular location
2travelers 3reviews
Dedham #42 most popular location
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Medford #43 most popular location
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New Bedford #44 most popular location
With a population of approximately 100,000, the City of New Bedford is the world’s most famous whaling era seaport and the number one fishing port in America. Some areas in the city are les…
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Raynham #45 most popular location
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Natick #46 most popular location
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Norwood #47 most popular location
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Adams #48 most popular location
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Amherst #49 most popular location
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Hudson #50 most popular location
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