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Masaya Overview

Masaya is in close proximity to the capital of Managua and is located between Mangaua and Granada. It is located in the department of Masaya and is the capital of this department. This is the smallest deparment in Nicaragua. Masaya is easy to reach from Managua or Granada. Masaya is a great starting point from which to explore the smaller towns in the department.

Two nearby landmarks are the Laguna de Masaya and the Valcano Masaya National Park. These are both close to the city and are popular destinations for tourists. Another historic landmark nearby is the old fortress, El Coyotepe, built in 1893(?) by then president/dictator Zelaya. Laguna de Apoyo is another popular and picturesque spot in close proximity to the city.

Historically, Masaya has played an important role in defining Nicarguan culture. It is considered the folkloric capital of the country. Masaya has an old market which is popular and offers some of the artisanal crafts produced around the area.

This was a city closely allied with the Sandinista Revolution. And, the Sandinista red and black flag is flown over many buidlings.

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