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Farore Farore
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Markets in Tunesia Aug 07, 2007
Markets in Tunesia are nice to go to. I've been to the 'Camelmarket' in Sousse. Not that there is a camel anywhere near it, but it's a name from previous years that stuck around. You can get there for about five Dinars (from Tej Marhaba hotel where we stayed). But prices in taxis are also negotiable at times ;).

A few things you should know about markets, is that there are pickpockets, but that's almost everywhere. If you're female travel in groups or at least with one more person. If your blonde that's certainly recommended because otherwise the tunesian guys keep walking after you for a few streets or a block, which can be very annoying.

Salesmen always try to get you to look at their shop. Sometimes they grab your arm or stand in front of you. (In the medina they do the same things). If you don't like that -- don't go. Mostly if you say 'no' they'll leave you alone.

But over all markets are fun to go to, they have nice things and you can always negotiate for a price, which personally i think is fun. Walking away if it's too expensive helps too.
A street of the Medina in Tunis
westwind57 says:
I hope that in the meantime after the changes that took place in Tunesia things are back to normal. :)
Posted on: Jun 15, 2012
Vlindertje says:
I totally agree. If you dont agree with a price....negotiate or just walk away !!! When you do that they start running after you and name the most hilarious prices !!! It is fun. As for as being a woman on tunian markets: just be strong, say a clear NO! and look angry. Then they know you are serious. If you laugh or so the man keep on trying. You should definately visit markets in Tunesia, it is really worth it !
Posted on: Aug 24, 2007
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