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Mariupol lies on the coast of the Sea of Azov, 120 km (74.5 miles) to the south of Donetsk, the capital of the Donets Basin and the center of Donetsk region, the most industrial one in our country. Mariupol is a big port where you can see lots of different cargo ships.

Mariupol was called Zhdanov from 1948 until 1988 in honor of Andrey Zhdanov, an outstanding Communist leader, a member of the Stalin's clique, who was buried at the Kremlin Wall in Moscow.

The city is famous not only for its beaches and spas, but also for its metallurgical industry. It is a surprising neighborhood: large beaches are located almost next to huge enterprises of heavy industry, metalworking, coke-chemical and machine-building industries. One of the most famous enterprises is "Azovstal" iron and steel works. Hence the air often leaves much to be desired in the entire city, although it depends on the wind direction.
The climate is moderate continental. The city enjoys the warmest climate in the Donets Basin. The average temperature in January is 6 degrees below zero Centigrade and in July it is 24 degrees Centigrade.

The city parks, squares and quays attract a lot of people. The first thing for a traveler to do there is to walk along its main street and then to go to the city beach. The Sea of Azov is very shallow : 8 m (26 ft) deep, and you can just walk far into the sea. But you still have to be careful because of the moving sands on the bottom.