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#1 of 47 nearby hotels - 6.74km away in Pasig City
cottonfoam says: "My stay at Oakwood Premier Joy was a treat from my former roommate who also is o..."
#2 of 47 nearby hotels - 11.52km away in Makati City
nolan says: "Somerset is what used to be Olympia Suites along Makati Avenue, right across Urd..."
#3 of 47 nearby hotels - 9.85km away in Quezon City
Anicia says: "I've been going to this hotel with my mom since I was a kid and this is the firs..."
#4 of 47 nearby hotels - 6.22km away in Pasig City
edregin says: "- With my recent holiday to my hometown Madrid, SDS, I thought of spending a ..."
#5 of 47 nearby hotels - 11.52km away in Makati City
holdmyhandsforever says: "Food experts says recipes and cooking skills are being inherited from generation..."
#6 of 47 nearby hotels - 10.51km away in Makati City
Amrisalem says: "spent the first 2 nights in the Philippines at that hotel, quite reasonable rate..."
Average Rate
#7 of 47 nearby hotels - 11.34km away in Makati City
jumpingnorman says: "My wife was in Singapore July 2014 with our twins and wanted to go back to Manil..."
Average Rate
#8 of 47 nearby hotels - 7.15km away in Mandaluyong City
mabby says: "Edsa Shangri-La Manila is a luxury hotel in the centre of Ortigas Centre's busin..."
#9 of 47 nearby hotels - 11.65km away in Makati City
bnony says: "I had the pleasure of staying here overnight in mid August of this year2013 on..."
#10 of 47 nearby hotels - 11.52km away in Makati City
TravellinChic says: "For the price that starts at about Php8,000, it is worth the experience of 5-sta..."
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