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Munich, Germany

Marienplatz Munich Reviews

ingridtrekki ingridtr…
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The beautiful fish fountain and its legends Feb 26, 2017
This beautiful fountain is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors alike. Obviously it also seems to be famous for some questionable stags (aka stag party guys) who appear in ridiculous costumes and jump in. What these don’t know (I am sure they don’t know, because too much alcohol seems to transform into ignoramuses) is that the jumping into this fountain has a long history.

Ok, I must be politically correct: this is not the original fountain from 1318, but a much newer post-war version, however with parts of the original pre-war fountain. There was a fountain since mid 14th century, because Marienplatz was where markets were held since the middle ages. During the Thirty Years War, Black Death decimated Europe’s population dramatically and people stayed in their houses as long as they could. In Munich too. Only in 1635, so says the legend, the vat makers’ and the butchers’ guild screwed up their courage, left their homes, danced and sang around in Munich’s streets to cheer up the locals and to show that the disease should be over. The butchers also jumped into this fountain to show that the water is clean enough.

Up to today, both, vat makers and butchers have kept this singing, dancing and jumping as tradition. The butchers celebrate the end of their young fellows apprenticeships by having them jump into the fish fountain. This happens every third year, in September.

In addition, there is another legend in context to the fish fountain. On Ash Wednesday the mayor washes his wallet in the fountain, symbolically. This shall bring money into the city household.

In my opinion the best view of the fountain is from above. The water looks beautifully turquoise. And also from here it is obvious how beautiful the basin is. However, I doubt that stags and hens and any other ignoramuses will ever go up on the city hall tower. It might prevent them from doing silly binge drink jumps during their parties......

This fountain is also one of the few in Munich which is being fed in winter. This makes nice photo opportunities (see my last photo).
The fish fountain at Marienplatz -…
The fish fountain at Marienplatz -…
The fish fountain at Marienplatz -…
The fish fountain at Marienplatz -…
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ingridtrekki ingridtr…
23 reviews
Be warned!! The cafes around Marienplatz .... Feb 26, 2017
Usually I try to avoid places to eat and drink around the famous tourist stops but when Homer & Ed were in Munich we were at Marienplatz to wait for a tour with Munich Walks and needed to have an eye on the guide to arrive. We needed something to drink and I needed a croissant, so we sat down at Woerner's and placed our order. The waitress came and offered us more than we actually wanted, such as "do you want breakfast?", I "no, we had breakfast already", she "oh but we have good breakfasts", I "NO, thanks!". Homer wanted to have a glass of water together with his cappuccino, and I told her "tap water please" (which is a rule in German restaurants: if the guest wants tap water, he shall get tap water). We waited quite a while but Homer's water didn't arrive. We asked the waiter twice and had already paid our bill when Homer realised that we were charged with 3,50 Euro for San Pellegrino water, which isn't really tap water. I took the bill, went to our waiter and said that we don't want the water because we have to leave for the city tour. She was .. not aggressive, not rude, but in a way pressing to bring us the water. I firmly said no, and that I want the charged money back. After a little bit of grumbling she gave it back.

This all made me thought-provoking. Was it only her or is this a way to get the money out of the pockets of the innocent tourists? Her English wasn't the best so I wonder what would have happened if it would have been the two only. Homer was somehow low key about getting the money back, but I was quite angry. First I have specifically asked for tap water and then this kind of pressing behaviour that she would bring us the water....No lady, not with me!!

What I want to say: be aware and make sure you order only what *you* want and not what the waiter or waitress wants to sell. And don't accept bottled water if you want tap water only.

Or ... go elsewhere and have something to drink and eat :-)
Exactly this one - avoid it!
Bojasem Bojasem
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amazing sight seeing Jun 03, 2014
Marienplatz : this name from St. Mary, Our Lady's Square. this area are central in Munich & it have beautiful nice building also this area have the festival like when bayren Munich when the league i saw the festival there. this area great for shopping stores , many brands & alot of restaurant

cafes . you will enjoy shopping there.

also this are one of the best area for staying in munich if you are looking for luxury you can stay in Mandarin Oriental, Munich,Hotel Torbraeu ,Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munchen & etc great.

there are many church in this area.

this area not far from vitual market & karlplatz.

if you are in Munich do not miss it
statue in start of marienplatz
statue in church near marienplatz
marienplatz street
CheersKL CheersKL
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Marienplatz, Munich Germany Nov 04, 2011
Missed the Octoberfest but sure glad I found myself in Marienplatz. Would not have thought of visiting if it's not to visit a friend in Munich.

Dating back to the 12th century, Marienplatz used to be home to medieval markets, celebrations, and tournaments; today, the square is a a popular meeting point for locals and tourists alike. In the 21st century, it still invite the same atmoshpere. It's a great starting point to all to

other tourist attractions such as the Old Town Hall, Old Peter, New Town Hall and Viktualienmarket.

I spent whole day admiring and absorbing the culture and tried the German Bavarian soup (I was sooo ...oo cold !!)
A slow walk to Neue Rathaus
georg_martin georg_ma…
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Nice place May 30, 2011
See nice architecture and 2 times a day the famous "Glockenspiel". Destroyed in second world war the building looks still like hundreds of years old. Nice pictures. Marienplatz is a big underground station, too. Take almost every U-/ or S-Bahn to reach the square.
wongjst wongjst
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Jul 06, 2007
Many shops and restaurants are lies within the walking zone right between Karlsplatz and Marienplatz is the most crowded area within Munich. Marienplatz, in English we called it Mary's Square, it is the plaza that located right at the central area of the city of Munich.
aliongoi says:
Wow the place is so beeautifull
Posted on: Nov 04, 2011
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
May 19, 2005
Marienplatz is Munich’s home of their New Town Hall, about 150 years old, and Old Town Hall, about 600 years old. The square in olden times was used for tournaments. Today, it is the gathering place for tourists, there to see the architecture and the Glockenspiel which during the summer months is animated and performs at 11am, 12 noon and 5pm. The movement is nothing much by today’s standards, but a real work by artisans of the time, something that the youth of today must remember. To me the architecture was the real draw of the square. The stone figures and gargoyles and the elaborate detail was fantastic.

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