Margarita Island, Venezuela

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margarita island, Venezuela

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Could this beach be any more fun? Jan 24, 2008
My husband and I debate (on a regular basis) about our "#2" favorite Caribbean port city. However, he can get off his duff and write his OWN list if he's that intent on disagreeing with me. :)

Even I'll admit... As an American, I was a tad intimidated at the prospect of going to Venezuela with all the political grumping between governments. I, personally, stay out of political conversations and circles, but I wasn't sure how we would be received. Within seconds of being on the island, I learned I had nothing to fear.

Daniel, our tour guide, seemed to embody Margarita Island life. He was happy and willing to share all aspects of the island, culture and people. Again, we lucked out with an amazing tour guide in whom we related to well.


1. PARGUITO BEACH was completely amazing. Yes, the surf was rough, but that just made it all the more fun. The sand was fine, the beach and restaurants were spotless, the chairs were relaxing, the drinks were cold, and the sun was hot. What more could you ask?

2. EMPANADAS! YUM! Daniel taught us to look for the lightest colored empanadas because the oil is the most fresh. I had the pescada (fish) and it was great. Good deal for $1 US.

3. SHOPPING was cheapo! Nice hand-carved nativities were just a few $US. Beach dresses were as little as $8 US. Coffee was $2 a pound. That and even better, the majority of the souvies were hand made in Venezuela. I brought home some COOL clay windchimes.

4. Everything you need is right off the ship. They have an excellent little beach and large local shopping area all within feet of the ship. Now, I'm an adventurer and wouldn't trade my experience for anything. BUT if you're just looking to shop and beach, you can do it nicely with no taxi fee.

5. BEAUTIFUL sights from the highest point on the island. The houses we saw while driving around were georgous. Everything has a wonderful history.

4.5 CONS:

1. This is ONLY a "con" if you don't speak Spanish, but we found very few people who spoke English. If you're a Spanish speaker, this con doesn't apply to you! :)

2. You are going to need a taxi if you want to go beyond the cruise shopping area / beach - and you're going to ride for awhile. Town is many miles away.

3. You're going to need to be on a smaller cruise ship to get here as a port stop. Not only won't bigger ships fit, it would be WAY too crowded for one of the mega-ships and it's 3,500 passengers.

4. The vendors were a bit pushy on the beach, but a firm "No gracias" worked well.

oh yeah... and

4.5 - Gas on Margarita Island was $0.12 a gallon! I can't help but be a bit saddened by paying $4.10 a gallon. Especially when they have a beach like that and I don't. *Phins pouting like a 4-year-old*
LatitudeAdjuster says:
Ha ha from your non-list writing (for now) husband...
Posted on: May 29, 2008
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