Marché des féticheurs (Fetish Market)

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Lome, Togo

Marché des féticheurs (Fetish Market) Lome Reviews

jeremies jeremies
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Visit the greatest Fetish market in Africa Mar 24, 2013
Akodessewa Fetish Market – Africa’s Voodoo Supermarket

By Spooky on September 22nd, 2011 Category: Pics, Travel

Togo’s Akodessewa Fetish Market is recognized as the largest fetish market in the world, a place where Voodoo practitioner can find anything they need for their rituals.

The practice of voodoo began in West Africa, before being taken to America by slaves, and in countries like Togo, Ghana, or Nigeria the religion is very much alive. Many people believe healers using animal parts and strange talismans can invoke spirits with their bizarre rituals, and solve their problems. And if there’s one place where voodoo priests can stock up on their creepy supplies, it’s the Akodessewa Fetish Market, in Togo’s capital city, Lome. Just think of it as an outdoor pharmacy where various animal parts, bone statues and herbs take the place of conventional medicine
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hauteboy hauteboy
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Fetish Market of Lome May 11, 2010
Togo and Benin are the original homeland of voodoo, a large percentage of the population still practices voudoun and animistic beliefs. The fetish market is their 'pharmacy' where they can buy traditional ingredients, eye of newt, toe of frog and the like. It's also somewhat a tourist attraction, we had to pay quite a bit for a guide and permission to take photographs. It's all quite grisly and smelly and if you're a member of PETA you might want to avoid.. the market consists of tables with rows of animal parts, heads of hyena and monkeys, crocodile and even a gorilla foot. There was an altar where the juju priests make burnt offerings of animals. After the tour of the market, we were taken inside to the fetish altar where the priest sat us down, then gave us all different articles, a tree nut, stick, etc. These are 'gifts' but come with a price, the priest rolls a couple of cowrie shells then asks the fetishes how much of a donation the objects require.

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