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Marble Canyon Overview

Marble Canyon holds the Colorado River from the Glen Canyon damn to the Grand Canyon. Marble Canyon averages about 1000 feet deep and the east side is indian reservation while the west side is BLM at first then N. Kaibab N. Forest further south. On both sides are some bad unmarked dirt roads to give you access to see the Colorado River but are more likely to get you lost.
At the northern part of Alt. US 89 used to be a narrow old bridge that I called the "lane and a half" wide bridge. Since then they bult a nice fully two lane modern bridge. Stop just on the west side of the bridge and find a facility with rest rooms.
They left the old bridge intact so now the bridge is open only to foot traffic...and what a good view of the Colorado River. Then keep going to the north rim od the Grand Canyon. The "East rim" in the N. Kaibab N. Forest really overlooks Marble Canyon.

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