Manual Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manual Antonio National Park, Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Reviews

cthunder86 cthunder…
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A Park in Paradise Aug 05, 2012
As I said before this National Park is a tropical humid rainforest with the added effect of a beach. So now only do you get to enjoy the park but youc can take a break and relax on the beach.

When it comes to seeing the park you have three options:

1. You can just pay the entrance fee and walk through the park alone. Unless you have someone who is an expert in flora and fauna you will have no idea what you are looking at. Not only that you will have a hard time spotting animals without a telescope.

2. You can join a group tour. These groups were huge being around 10-15 people. This is a good option if you want to get good pictures and know the name of the plants and animals on the cheap.

3. You can pay for a private tour. This is good if you have four people or less. This way the guide can use his telescope to spot animals and get a detailed explanation of what they are. This is also a easy way to quickly bypass the groups and get away from the crowd.

The trails all lead to the beach area where you can relax or have a picnic. I even a racoon steal lunch from some unsuspecting beach goers.
fire billed toucan
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ScottG ScottG
3 reviews
Absolute Must-See Jun 02, 2012
This park is absolutely spectacular. The scenery is unreal. The monkeys are within arm's reach (though I wouldn't advise actually touching them). There is plenty to see and do here to take up half a day. I had a bit of a scare as I was swimming in the water and a crocodile approached me and my friends! But don't let that deter you from this awesome, awesome place. It is a must-see for any visitor to Costa Rica. Totally worth the drive if you are staying around San Jose.
baileyj baileyj
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great day trip. Apr 23, 2011
The park was very beautiful, I will say that, but didnt see a ton of wild life like I wanted to. I will say I didnt get a guide, we just did it by ourselves so thats prob the reason we didnt see lots of animals. Im a budget traveler but if you have lots of money or are super interested in seening all there is to see, I would say just pay and get a guide because from what I hear it really enhances it. We saw one deer, lots of lizards and iguanas and quite a few monkeys. I really wanted to see a sloth so I guess that disappointed me a little. The beaches are really nice but if you are into swimming just go to the big one, Playa Manuel Antonio because the water is amazing and the sand is nice and at the little beaches the water is rocky and sort of painful. Its definitely a nice day trip though and we really enjoyed ourself. I would take the hike up to the look out, its a nice view. A bit of a hike, but worth it. To get into the park without a guide is 10$ so thats not too bad, Costa Rica is outrageously expensive so I was surprised it wasnt more. I would definitely recommend spending a day there though but if you are super into the nature aspect and finding animals I would get a guide!
MrTeacher MrTeacher
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The most tranquil beautiful place I have been! Apr 22, 2011
Let me start off by saying this place is amazing, BUT if you go during the wrong time there will be lots of tourists scaring all the wildlife away! I went hiking alone on one of their many trails and felt very safe. The trail weaves in and out to the ocean and back, giving you amazing views of the seashore. There are tons of land crabs that burrow into the hills even deep in the forest, which was pretty interesting. Be patient if you want to see monkeys or sloths. I saw my 1st one only when I was done hiking and sat at the local bar outside the park. It came right in the window! Manuel Antonio Park is THE place to go and when you're done, the exit points you to that bar!
Monkey coming through the window i…
kelleb kelleb
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beautiful! Nov 25, 2008
The MA National Park is amazing !! There are many different trails and you are almost guaranteed to see some sort of wildlife. I saw sloths, monkeys, birds (even a Quetzel!) Very beautiful and well worth the visit. There is access to two private beaches also, which are only accessible through the park. The park is located at the very end of the road between Quepos and Manuel Antonio. The cost to enter is $10 for non-ticos, and as with every other National Park in Costa Rica, it is closed on Mondays. Tip: before entering you will pretty much get badgered into believing you need a tour guide. They will tell you that you won't see any animals otherwise, etc etc. You probably have a greater chance of seeing some insects or a sloth with a guide, but really they walk super slow and don't go on any of the paths except for the main one. I wouldn't pay $10/person extra for a guide if it were me.. you're pretty much guaranteed to see monkeys either way they are everywhere!
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