Manna Korean BBQ

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3377 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA - (323) 733-8516
Manna Korean BBQ - look at those short ribs and briskets... sexy!
Manna Korean BBQ - make someone else cook so you can eat
Manna Korean BBQ - lots of other side dishes to accompany the fine meat
Manna Korean BBQ - it's like a costco and papa murphy's combined except purley focused on meat
Manna Korean BBQ - Oh Manna, how many cows, pigs, and chickens dost thou slaughter in one day?
Manna Korean BBQ - Nori did not puke that night, I swear..
Manna Korean BBQ - Stuy reunion!!

Manna Korean BBQ Los Angeles Reviews

sdespanola sdespano…
4 reviews
Jun 24, 2007
Oh, what can I say about Manna, besides the fact its a meat lover's heaven. Don't come here if you're a vegetarian because you will have a heart attack from shock at the fact so many animals were slaughted to bring us the bountiful manna smorgasbord, and the fact that your arteries will already be clogged from just breathing in the dense meat air. After waiting in the long line of eager carnivores, you enter the Manna arena, smoking of lung sticking fumes. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have meat stick to my alveoli than cigarette tar. Anyways they lead you to a table which has a grill where you make the magic happen. For $16.99, you get unlimited meat and various side dishes such as kim chee, glass noodles, salad, and egg tofu. It's hard to know exactly what meat you're getting if you don't speak Korean but you can manage with pointing at other people's tables. I highly recommend the boneless short rib which just melts in your mouth (kalbi), the thinly sliced beef brisket (chadol), and the black pork belly (it isn't really black, just delicious other white meat). There is a certain order in which you should eat these meats to ensure you don't get full on your first plate. I would start off with the beef brisket because its the thinnest and easiest to cook and digest. Next I'd go for the black pork belly, then lastly the short ribs which are extremely filling. When a group of 10 of us went, we managed to go through 8 plates and trust me this was extremely difficult even for starving college students. My piece of advice, pace yourself. Also, beware when you keep asking for more meat because they pile it higher as you ask for another plate. Finish everything because you pay for the meat you don't eat. Make sure to bring a group of hungry people if you go because you get to try more, you have more fun, and you can make someone else cook the meat. Aside from blasting strange korean techno and the occasional annoying birthday song, i suggest taking a trip to Manna if you're in LA because it's an experience. You'll know you ate at Manna when you're still full the next day and are odorous of meat. Happy stuffing!
Oh Manna, how many cows, pigs, and…
look at those short ribs and brisk…
make someone else cook so you can …
lots of other side dishes to accom…
jenn79 says:
Great pictures!
Posted on: Sep 28, 2007
mellemel8 says:
love this place. i am from LA. BEST KOREAN BBQ
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
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jenn79 jenn79
129 reviews
Mar 03, 2007
Manna is probably the best value out there for Korean BBQ. For those of us quite addicted to the stuff, it's a great location to bring large numbers of guests to without breaking the bank, especially if the boys act like perpetually starving Marvins.

There are frequently contests to see who can eat the most plates. A normal group of 2 will probably eat 1 plateful. A crazy college boy will eat something like 1 and a half plates by himself.

Endless meat, garlic, duk (rice cake wrapping that brings beautiful texture that complements the meat) and pay per bottles of Hite (Korean beer) make this a fantastic time in every sense!

I've gone almost every night of the week and there is always a long line, so arrive before 6pm for the shortest wait.
Stuy reunion!!
Nori did not puke that night, I sw…
kevinw83 kevinw83
31 reviews
Dec 28, 2005
Manna is a pretty good Korean BBQ place in Koreatown, LA. With a

touch of the service button, waitresses will come out with huge piles

of meat for you to cook. If you've never been to Korean BBQ

before, here's the deal- you'll get tons of kim chi appetizers, which

are little plates of pickled vegetables to munch on as your meat is

cooking. Next, they'll bring out plates of various raw meat, from

unmarinated beef and pork to my personal fave, galbi (marinated beef

short ribs). Each table is dominated by a huge grill, and

everyone cooks their own meat to their heart's fancy.

When you're cooking the meat, make sure to cook an onion or two first

so that the grill gets a little oil on it, otherwise your meat will

stick like none other. Personally, I'd recommend starting off

with a plate of all the meat, then continally pounding galbi until you

explode. Galbi is just that good. I'd also recommend

coming here with a Korean friend, as I didn't hear any waitresses speak

a single word of English to us. I'm sure they can, but the

results probably won't be as effective as using Korean...
angie says:
I like the last tag
Posted on: Jan 08, 2006

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