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#1 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
halilee says: "We spend 3 nights at this lovely hotel in a twin room. The room is very clean, d..."
#2 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
nolan says: "Smart Hotel is located within 500 meters from the Railway Station. While it is n..."
#3 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
gingerbatik says: "This is the second time I stay at this hotel in Mandalay. The hotel itself is g..."
#4 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
northlight says: "This place got really good reviews on and seemed like it was in a go..."
#5 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
galanova says: "The cheapest hotel I stayed in Myanmar 18 per night and not the worst one. Th..."
#6 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
Vlindeke says: "This hotel is located at a very busy road, across the Mandalay Palace Fort wal..."
#7 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
lrecht says: "Well after a grueling day driving from Kalaw to Mandalay, the entrance to the Ze..."
#8 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
gardkarlsen says: "We stayed at Bagan King for 2 nights in July 2015. The airport is located a bit ..."
#9 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
The Nadi Myanmar Hotel is located in Mandalay making it one of the best hotels to stay at while in town. The Nadi Myanmar Hotel ...
#10 of 24 hotels in Mandalay
Yadanabon Zoological Gardens and Zegyo Market are within easy driving distance of the Emerald Land Inn Mandalay. Mandalay Intern...
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